tisdag 20 november 2012

Strong and Healthy Nails

When the weather gets colder my nails always start to chip, split and get generally dry and brittle. Ugh! It's so annoying, and I'm sure many of you know exactly what I mean.
Luckily, there are a lot of products and tricks you can learn to nurse your nails back to health. :)

1. Clean your nails and cuticles
To get nails of good quality it might be a good idea to invest in a peeling that can be used to take away dead skin cells from the nail and cuticle area. Doing this, nail bed will get more oxygen (when it's not choked by dead skin...) and the new nail that grows out will be healthier.
At the moment, I'm using the Nail- and Cuticle Cleaner from Depend.

2. Nail oil
If you have dry nails that easily split or nails that are soft and weak then a nail oil is definitely worth trying! The one I'm using right now is the Myrrh oil by Depend Cosmetics. It is a great product with almond oil and vitamin E that really works miracles on my nails, when used regularly. Put a drop on your nail and massage it into the nail and the cuticle. A plus with this oil is also that it smells very good of orange.

3. Invest in a glass nail file!
Honestly, there is a huge difference in glass nail files and the more common, cheaper cardboard nail files! The glass nail file has a great deal smaller grit and is therefore much more gentle to your nails. Cardboard nail files always make my nails split. 
And if you happen to get a split, file it down right away! Otherwise you risk cracking your nails even more. 

4. Use a strengthening base coat
I have actually not tried this myself yet, but it does make sense, doesn't it? ;) The one I've heard a lot of good things about is the Foundation II by Nail Tek (which as far as I know is a cruelty-free company). I bought it on Ebay and hope it will land in my mailbox at the end of this week.

 $5 on Ebay

5. Rubber gloves are you best friends!
If you thought that washing the dishes with rubber gloves on your hands was something that only old ladies do it's time to think again! ;) Exposure to water and detergent will surely dry out your nails so protect your hands will cleaning the dishes.


What is your best tips for getting stronger nails? 

Thank you for reading and big thanks to all of you who send me nice comments! :)

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