lördag 31 mars 2012

LOTD: A twist of purple

Hello everybody!

This is actually the look of yesterday but I didn't have time to publish it here before now. Today I've been to a Sci-fi convent which contained lots and lots of Star Wars items (maybe I should do a Star Wars inspired look soon?) and since then I've been pretty tired. It was a fun thing to attend though. :) Tomorrow, Mr Noire is going to take me to see the Hunger Games movie. Yay! :D

Anyway, here's the look!

I thought I'd do a twist of a regular smokey eye and put some purple underneath the eye and in the inner corner. Poison plum by Sugarpill is by far my favorite eyeshadow at the moment. :) Yesterday, I got some new MakeupGeek shadows as well though, which I will review in a few days. 

Funny, it looks more red on this picture than on the previous. That's probably because of me fiddling with the settings on my camera. I find that I have periods when I need to change my settings a lot to get the pictures right and this is such a period, with a change in the daylight and all. 

The lip look so doesn't match the eyes, but I really wanted to try it out so I figured now was the perfect time to do so. :) 

This lip look is really summery but not too practical since the colors blend into each other after a while. Unfortunately, all of these lipsticks are from my unmarked samples from Oriflame so I can't tell you the names of them. 

*Clarins Everlasting foundation
*M.A.C. Studio Finish Concealer NC15

*Latte (MakeupGeek)

*Eye Khol Smolder (M.A.C.)
*Pollution (Make Up Store)
*Purely naked (MakeupGeek)
*Mocha (MakeupGeek)
*Poison plum (Sugarpill)
*NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk
*Shimmery white from an Isadora palette
*False eyelashes #28 by Red Cherry

That's all for today! :) I hope you're all having a great weekend! 

Winner of the giveaway! :)

Hello everybody! :)

First of all I want to say thank you to all of the participants who entered my giveaway! I drew the winner at random today, simply by putting identical pieces of papers into a bowl and let my dog, Ester, pick the winner! It's quite an unorthodox method but it's fair. :)

So, the winner of the MakeupGeek giveaway is:


Congratulations! :D

Send me your address and the list of your four chosen eyeshadows and I will have them shipped to you!
You can send them to: madamnoire (a) hotmail.se

For those of you who didn't win, I will soon host another giveaway! :) Better luck next time!

Tomorrow it's time for the monthly theme at http://www.sophistiquenoir.com/, and this month's theme will be flowers! It's a great theme and I've got some ideas for a suitable makeup look!

That's all for now! Have a nice day!

torsdag 29 mars 2012

Tutorial: Makeup for lazy people

Hello everybody! :)

Although I know that most of you are here to watch my more creative and unique makeup looks I occasionally like to do something that most people find wearable. This time I am doing a tutorial on a look that is very easy to achieve and doesn't require a a lot of expensive products. The name of the tutorial might be a little deceptive, since you don't have to be lazy to not have enough time for putting on makeup. It's just meant as a joke. :) 

So if you're short of time, don't feel like spending a lot of money on makeup products or simply just lazy this look is definitely for you. :)

You don't need a lot of brushes for this look either, but the brushes you do need are a flat shader brush and a fluffy blending brush. Now I know that the M.A.C. ones are very pricey, so you might as well buy another brand but I do think that my M.A.C. brushes are worth every cent. The brushes from Sigma are a great alternative! 

Fluffy blending brush, #217 from M.A.C. This is my favorite brush ever! 

Flat shader brush. This is a very useful brush that I'm using in all my makeup looks. The M.A.C. one is #239 but I think the one from Sigma, E55, is a little better. 

With that said, let's get the tutorial started! :) 

Step 1. Apply your foundation and concealer. Also apply an eyelid primer to help your makeup last throughout the day (or night). If you're on a budget you can use the e.l.f. eyelid primer which costs about a dollar and is still a fabulous product! Fill in your eyebrows with a soft brown, using your flat shader brush. The color I've used is Latte by MakeupGeek. 

Step 2. Line your upper and lower lash line with a black eyeliner pencil (or a brown one if you want a more subtle look). Also line your upper waterline. 

Step 3. Using the flat shader brush, smudge the eyeliner pencil out. 

Step 4. Still using the flat shader brush, apply Latte by MakeupGeek over the smudged eyeliner, both on your upper and lower lid. Use the fluffy blending brush to soften any harsh edges. 

Step 5. Wipe off the blending brush on a clean towel. Then pick up some shimmery white eyeshadow on it. Tap off the excess and apply the white right beneath your brows and in the inner corners of your eyes. The white I'm using is one from Isadora but you can use any shimmery white! They are usually not that hard to find. :) 

Step 6. Apply some black mascara and your eyes are done! 

Step 7. Powder your face and apply a soft pink blush. I've used Shy by e.l.f..  For the lips you can just use your favorite lipgloss. I've chosen my usual, nude Edelweiss by Face Stockholm. Now, I know that Face Stockholm is not an affordable brand but I got this lipgloss for free so it doesn't really count. :P 

If you want to put some color on your face, simply use a more colorful lipgloss, or exchange the brown eyeshadow for a purple, blue or teal one. :) 

That's all for this blogpost my dear friends! Tomorrow (30th) will be the last day to enter my giveaway. 

Enter by clicking the link and following the instructions.

onsdag 28 mars 2012

LOTD: Easter Eggs from Hell

Hello everybody! :D

Today I'm going to show you another one of my makeup experiments. It is inspired by one of my favorite creative makeup blogs, http://nireyna.livejournal.com/ , which unfortunately is in Russian or Ukrainian or something. But the pictures are really pretty and shows all sorts of extremely creative makeup looks that has been created with utter perfection.

My look is not a recreation of one of the looks from this blog just inspired by the style of the makeup. :) The shape of it makes me think of Easter eggs but the colors are quite dark and eerie, hence the name.

The shimmer in the white eyeshadow doesn't show up that good in the photos. Imagine a nice frosty white and you're there. :) 

I tried another look on the left eye, with little more dots and a different placement of the rhinestones. I don't know if I like the left eye or the right one better though... 

I haven't done a red lip in a while so I decided to do one for this look. The corners are just darkened with a black eyeliner pencil before applying the lipstick. As we are putting darker colors in the outer corners of our eyelids to create more dimension, we can use exactly the same principle for our lips. :) 

*Clarins Everlasting foundation
*M.A.C. Studio Finish Concealer NC15

*Latte (MakeupGeek)

*Eye Khol Smolder (M.A.C.)
*Pollution (Make Up Store)
*Love+ (Sugarpill)
*Latte (MakeupGeek)
*Sensuous (MakeupGeek)
*Poison plum (Sugarpill)
*NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk
*Shimmery white from an Isadora palette
*Blacktrack (M.A.C.)
*#747S lashes, (Red Cherry)

*Eye kohl Smolder (M.A.C.)
*Russian red lipstick (M.A.C.)
*Liquid lipstick Cherry tart (e.l.f.)

I guess that's all for the look of today! Since I know that most people want to see wearable looks I'm going to try and post some of those soon.

Have a nice day and don't forget to enter my giveaway! :)

måndag 26 mars 2012

Tutorial: The Hunger Games

Hello everybody! 

I hope that all of you have had a lovely weekend! Personally, I've been kind of busy making (and eating) cupcakes, writing on my book and been taken out to dinner by Mr. Noire. 

Anyways, last Friday I did this look which is inspired by the Hunger Games, that, conveniently enough, had premiere that very same day. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm planning on doing so sometime soon. Right now I'm reading the first book and I was caught from the first page. :)

So, here's the look we are going to create! 

Obviously the inspiration to this look is the fire and the black on the Hunger Games movie poster. :)

If you're interested in re-creating this look, you might want to read further! :D 

Step 1. As always, start by priming your eyes. Note that I'm going to apply the base after we're done with the eyes. 

Step 2. With a soft, black eye pencil fill in your lid and blend it out with your finger into your crease. 

Step 3. Since we want our lid to be the blackest of black, we're going to put a black eyeshadow over the eye pencil. 

Step 4. Above your crease apply a bright red eyeshadow with a blending brush. This is Love+ by Sugarpill.

Step 5. Above the red eyeshadow apply an orange and blend the two together. This is Flamepoint by Sugarpill. I realize it might be hard to see the orange on this picture, but imagine it as a gradient going from deep red to vibrant orange. :)

Step 6. Above the orange apply a yellow. This is Buttercupcake by Sugarpill. Make sure that the fire colors are blended in well together. In the inner corner and right under your brow, apply a shimmery white. This will help emphasize the glowing effect. 

Step 7. Fill in your brows with whatever eyeshadow that matches your natural brow color. I've used Charcoal brown by M.A.C. Apply some black mascara. The look is perfectly fine without false eyelashes but since I'm addicted to them I've applied #28 by Red Cherry, which you can see in the finished pictures in the beginning of this post. 

For my lips I just used a nude lipgloss. Since the eyes are so bold and firey I figured a bold lip would be kind of off. If you want to make this look even more bold though I would recommend choosing a black lip. That way you get a firey and gothic look! :)

That's all for this post, folks! Hope that this tutorial has been to some help for you! 

Dark Sunshine Awards

Hello everybody! 

I was thrilled to hear that Le Professeur Gothique had nominated my blog to the [Dark] Sunshine Awards! Yay! :D I've just been so, so slow to get this post published. 

Rules for the [Dark] Sunshine Award

  1. Post the award picture with a backlink to the person who nominated you
  2. Answer the ten questions posed to you
  3. Pass on the award to 10 or more bloggers


  • Favorite color: Black and purple.  
  • Favorite animal: Dogs, cats and bats
  • Favorite number: 9
  • Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Vanilla coke.
  • Facebook or Twitter: None.
  • My passion: Makeup! :D Anyone surprised?
  • Getting or giving presents: I love giving presents but getting them is great too. :3 
  • Favorite pattern: Tim Burton's swirls. :)
  • Favorite day of the week: Without doubt Friday. 
  • Favorite flower: Black fabric roses :P 
My Nominations 


I'm lazy, so I decided to just nominate five blogs! Sorry. :P 

fredag 23 mars 2012

LOTD: Fire and water

Hello everybody!

This is the result of yet another one of my makeup experiment. On a model in a fashion magazine or on the catwalk, this look would probably be perfect. On me, however, it's just hideous. :P Haha! Okay, maybe it's not that bad. 

I decided to share this look with you anyway! :) 

By the way, I've entered a contest on Makeupbee.com where I can win some Sugarpill makeup. It would mean the world to me if you would go there and like my looks! 

Besides, if I win, I'm going to have a giveaway where you can win the Burning heart palette! So, please go in there and like my looks! :D 

Now, to the list of products for the Fire and water look. 

*M.A.C. Pro Longwear Foundation, NC15
*Stargazer white pressed powder
*e.l.f. tone correcting concealer

*Charcoal brown (M.A.C.) 

*Eye kohl Smolder (M.A.C.)
*NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk
*Chromagraphic Eye pencil Hi Def Cyan (M.A.C.)
*Buttercupcake (Sugarpill)
*Flamepoint (Sugarpill)
*Pollution (Make Up Store)
*Electric eel (M.A.C.)

*Lipgloss Edelweiss, (Face Stockholm)

torsdag 22 mars 2012

LOTD: Rainbow

Hello everybody!

I don't know why I've been so lazy when it's come to makeup this week, I just haven't felt that inspired. Or more close to the truth is that I've been too inspired to get something done. You know, when you have so many ideas buzzing in your head and you don't know in which end to start.

Well, I've been experimenting a bit with my Burning heart palette and yesterday I finally created a look which I felt like sharing with you guys here on my blog. :)

I think that bright tropical colors like these looks far better on brown eyes than blue. Blue eyes can pull off this look as well but the brown eyes add a bit more warmth to the look. :) 

I thought I'd share another one of my experimental looks that I did the other day, when trying to experiment with creative shapes, rhinestones and stars. :) And speaking of stars, my Cyber shamrock look won the latest MakeupGeek Weekly Challenge! :D Woohoo!! :D 

Anyways, here's the... er... experimental fairytale look. Makes one think of unicorns and that kind of cutesy stuff, doesn't it? 

*M.A.C. Pro Longwear Foundation in NC15 (which is too dark for me... :( ) 
*e.l.f. color correcting concealer

*Charcoal brown (M.A.C.)

Eyes  Rainbow
*Eye kohl Smolder (M.A.C.)
*NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk
*Chromagraphic Eye pencil Hi Def Cyan (M.A.C.)
*Buttercupcake (Sugarpill)
*Flamepoint (Sugarpill)
*Love + (Sugarpill)
*Poison plum (Sugarpill)
*Lumi (Sugarpill)
*Electric eel (M.A.C.)
*Deep truth (M.A.C.)
*Lucky green (M.A.C.)

Eyes Fairytale
*Lip pencil Purple attraction (Make Up Store)
*Poison plum (Sugarpill)
*Lumi (Sugarpill)
*Parfait amour (M.A.C.)
*Wisteria (MakeupGeek)
*Eye kohl Smolder (M.A.C.)

Don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY!

That's all for this post! :) Hope you like the looks!