måndag 19 mars 2012

LOTD: Pools n' peacocks

Hello everybody!

Today I finally made a look with the one of the Makeup Geek eyeshadows that I was most excited about: Poolside. I love, love, love teal and turquoise eyeshadow! :D I was thinking about doing a regular smokey eye but suddenly I felt the urge to do something more creative. But for those of you who are dying to see a regular smokey eye with this eyeshadow - do not despair! I will probably create that look (maybe even a tutorial...) in a future not far from now. :) Until then, you will have to do with the pictures below.

A crisp and straight edge of your eyeshadow can be created by using Scotch tape! Just make sure that you place it on the back of your hand first to reduce part of the stickiness. You don't want to pull to hard on the delicate skin around your eyes! 

The outer corner is darkened with another Makeup Geek eyeshadow called Peacock. When I did the review and swatches of this eyeshadow I wasn't too fond of it but it has started to grow on me. 

 As you can see this look is fabulous on brown eyes! :D  

And here's a full face picture of me looking like a Siberian husky... :P It would be kind of cool to have one brown and one blue eye naturally. I bet it's very uncommon though. 

That's all for this post! Have a nice day and hope to see you soon! :) 

3 kommentarer:

  1. Aaah, så snyggt! Turkos och teal är så jävla fantastiska färger.
    Blir bara sur över att det inte finns någon svensk översättning för teal. Haha. Nu importerar vi det, mmkay?

  2. The lower lid treatment is gorgeous. This color does look like it would be lovely with any shade of eyes.