torsdag 22 mars 2012

LOTD: Rainbow

Hello everybody!

I don't know why I've been so lazy when it's come to makeup this week, I just haven't felt that inspired. Or more close to the truth is that I've been too inspired to get something done. You know, when you have so many ideas buzzing in your head and you don't know in which end to start.

Well, I've been experimenting a bit with my Burning heart palette and yesterday I finally created a look which I felt like sharing with you guys here on my blog. :)

I think that bright tropical colors like these looks far better on brown eyes than blue. Blue eyes can pull off this look as well but the brown eyes add a bit more warmth to the look. :) 

I thought I'd share another one of my experimental looks that I did the other day, when trying to experiment with creative shapes, rhinestones and stars. :) And speaking of stars, my Cyber shamrock look won the latest MakeupGeek Weekly Challenge! :D Woohoo!! :D 

Anyways, here's the... er... experimental fairytale look. Makes one think of unicorns and that kind of cutesy stuff, doesn't it? 

*M.A.C. Pro Longwear Foundation in NC15 (which is too dark for me... :( ) 
*e.l.f. color correcting concealer

*Charcoal brown (M.A.C.)

Eyes  Rainbow
*Eye kohl Smolder (M.A.C.)
*NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk
*Chromagraphic Eye pencil Hi Def Cyan (M.A.C.)
*Buttercupcake (Sugarpill)
*Flamepoint (Sugarpill)
*Love + (Sugarpill)
*Poison plum (Sugarpill)
*Lumi (Sugarpill)
*Electric eel (M.A.C.)
*Deep truth (M.A.C.)
*Lucky green (M.A.C.)

Eyes Fairytale
*Lip pencil Purple attraction (Make Up Store)
*Poison plum (Sugarpill)
*Lumi (Sugarpill)
*Parfait amour (M.A.C.)
*Wisteria (MakeupGeek)
*Eye kohl Smolder (M.A.C.)

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That's all for this post! :) Hope you like the looks! 

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