måndag 5 mars 2012

Leopard lips

Hello everybody!

Ever heard of those strange lip tattoos people are babbling about? I haven't actually tried them so I probably shouldn't judge them too hard, but they've never really seemed that alluring to me. But leopard printed lips does sound pretty cool!

So, I decided to do a leopard print lip look in my own way without cheating with tattoos and stuff like that. ;)

Start by priming your lips with a lip primer (as a matter of fact I used an eyelid primer and it worked just fine...) and line them with a lip pencil in your color of choice. The lip pencil should match the lipstick you are going to wear. Fill in the whole lip with the liner as well.

Paint on a coat of lipstick. Blot by pressing a piece of tissue to your lips. Reapply the lipstick.

Now it's time for the dots and I'm using a black gel eyeliner (Blacktrack by M.A.C.) and the smallest craft store brush I have. Draw the largest dots in the center of the lips, making the dots smaller as you go out to the corners. A few small dot in between the large ones brings more life to the pattern.

Try this look out in your favorite color and send me a picture, please! :D

1 kommentar:

  1. Heyy, I love this look. You did an amazing job of it! :)
    I gave it an attempt lol.


    Emma xo