fredag 9 mars 2012

Review: Sugarpill Burning Heart palette

Hello everybody! :)

Although I'm pretty sure you've read a hundred thousand reviews and seen bazillions of swatches of these eyeshadows already, I couldn't resist the temptation to do another one. Ever since I started researching the field of makeup I've only heard a lot of positive comments on the Sugarpill eyeshadows but until now I haven't tried them out myself. It was last month when I finally decided to order the Sugarpill Burning heart palette, and my copy of it has spent about three weeks traveling from California to Gothenburg. :) Today it finally arrived and I was jumping up and down in excitement!

The package was a cute little white box with the Sugarpill logotype printed on it in blue and when opened it revealed a pink fluff in which my very own Burning heart palette was residing. The palette itself is a robust, yet utterly pretty structure, held shut by a strong magnet (or super powers, maybe...). 

On the backside of the palette you can find the names of the eyeshadows inside. Neat! :3 

The most exciting part is of course the insides of the palette, which consists of four fabulous eyeshadows. These are Flamepoint, Buttercupcake, Love + and Poison plum.

Flamepoint is a burning hot orange with a matte finish. On my skin it turns out like a brick red color, which was a bit of a disappointment since I really wanted to have true orange. :/ Nevertheless, it is a very pretty color and I'm sure I will find use for it! :) 
Buttercupcake is probably the most delicious yellow color I have ever seen. It also has a matte finish and the pigmentation is crazy good! 

I had high hopes for Love + since I'm very fond of red eyeshadow and yet haven't found one that is opaque and gives an even result. Without a white base, Love + didn't apply very even either, though it's by far the most pigmented red eyeshadow I've ever tried. With the white base it gives an even result, though, and looks as bright and vibrant as one can wish. :) 
Poison plum is my favorite of the lot! (Duh, it's purple...). It is a beautiful vibrant purple with tiny, tiny sparkles that shows up when we put the shadow over a white base. How could I not love this eyeshadow? :)
Overall impression
So, my overall impression of the Sugarpill Burning heart palette is that the eyeshadows are vibrant and crazily pigmented. Lovely combination of colors! :) 

I hope this review has been helpful or at least a little bit fun to read. :) Have a lovely day everybody! 

The brushes I used to create the splatter comes from: 

and the adorable little bats from here: 

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