söndag 4 november 2012

Weekly confession: Makeup mistakes that bugs you

I have spared all my energy for the Halloween fashion show that took place this weekend so now that it's over I am very deprived of inspiration. However, there usually don't go that many days before my inspiration returns so I expect that I will be back with a look for you guys soon. Or maybe a tutorial? :)
Today and tomorrow I will be scavenging the internet for inspiration so we'll see what I will come up with...

Anyway, we will continue with the weekly confessions and I really appreciate all the comments that you guys wrote on the previous posts on this theme. :)

Okay, so what makeup mistake bugs you the most? Overdrawn lips, uneven eyebrows or maybe far too much of a bright color?

When working (read obsessing...) so much about makeup as I do, you are bound to spot a lot of mistakes that other people do in their makeup application. Hopefully you are also very forgiving about these mistakes, since you remember that you were not an expert yourself when you just started out. ;) I don't mind people with uneven eyebrows of eyeliner because those are things that takes a lot of practice to get right. There is however one makeup mistake that is so, so, easy to avoid that I sometimes see and that often bugs me a lot; unblended eyeshadow. :P The blending brush is your friend!
But honestly, you don't even need a blending brush, a finger will make a huge difference as well. Just don't slab the eye-makeup on and leave it like that because it looks unfinished (there are of course looks that are supposed to have sharp lines but there's a big difference...).

I think you can see what I mean... (No, my eyebrows are not back, these are old pictures...)

IMPORTANT: Just because I say that non-blended eyeshadow bugs me it doesn't mean that I have the right to write bad comments on other peoples pictures telling them how ugly their work is (because honestly, it is NOT a big deal) and I hope that you don't do so either, whatever your specific makeup pet peeve is. If you don't like someones art/appearance or whatever, just don't comment at all.

Anyway, I hope I will find some pics from the fashion show to post here soon. :) The models were so cool!

Thank you for reading and I wish all of you a great day! :) See you soon!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Omg YES! I see this all the time with girls in high school. You just want to go up and ask them "Who the hell did you see that on that made you think it looked good?" :p

    1. Haha, I guess that many young people make that mistake! I probably did too. ^_^

  2. 1. It drives me crazy to see foundation darker than the skin.
    2. Bushy unkempt eyebrows. I don't care how fashionable they are, I hate thick eyebrows.
    3. Lips turned almost white.
    4. Cakey face.
    5. Blue eyeshadow on blue eyes. Just simple blue, nothing else.

    I know the following is not a makeup mistake per se but it annoys me to ths point of physical violence: pouting like a moron in all the photos. I know at least two makeup bloggers who are talented and do nice looks but i cannot stand the look of them because of their goddamn pouting/duckface whatever you wanna call it. No way you will ever look anything but stupid when you do that.

    1. I heard that there's a book dedicated to the hate of blue eyeshadow so I guess you're not alone. :P And I agree, blue eyeshadow on blue eyes might be a little too much... blue. At least if you don't do a proper eyeliner and mascara with it. :P
      Haha, the duck-face look is hilarious! XD And to answer your later comment; I think it all depends on how you suggest it to the person. I think it's okay if you would say something like: "Try and take your pictures from another angle because it will bring out your eyes/lips/cheekbones etc. better". I think it's good to avoid telling the person directly that they look ridiculous or are made fun of though. ;) Also, I wouldn't send such a message to someone I don't know or has talked to before, because that might seem rude to that person although it's not meant to be. Not everyone wants to have their pictures criticized, but a friend would probably take it better than a stranger would.

  3. Oh, and another thing: i am not in the habit of ever leaving mean or derogatory comments on ppl's blogs. You know i had some issues with such ppl on makeupbee...however, would it be ok, in your opinion, if I sugeested through a private message to someone not to make a pouting face in photos because ahe looks ridiculous and many make fun of her? I'm just curious what you think...