söndag 12 februari 2012

Vampire Valentine

Hello everybody!

Valentine's day is drawing closer and in the makeup community you can see pictures of pink and red eyeshadow everywhere. I've already done a wearable Valentine's day look so now I thought I'd do something that I would wear myself, which is a lot more dark, dramatic and crazy. :)

For a more wearable Valentine's day look, check out this blogpost:


You don't need too many eyeshadows for this look either. The first one you need is a regular matte black and if you would wear this look for the V-day you probably already own one. ;) Although it looks purple the second eyeshadow you need is actually a bright pink toned red. One suggestion would be Love+ by Sugarpill (suitable name by the way). The other one is Passionate by M.A.C. which is a dark reddish pink. You can draw the line here, but I've also used an eyeshadow in my skin tone (Blanc Type by M.A.C.) and a shimmering white (by Isadora) which I've used as a highlight in the inner corner and beneath the brows.

You can draw the heart by hand or use a stencil. Since I wanted a red "glow" around the heart I found it easiest to put a heart-shaped sticker on my skin and apply the red eyeshadow around it. Here it is important that you blend well because otherwise it might look a little bit strange. I didn't take away the sticker until I was completely finished with drawing the pattern, thus preventing any liquid eyeliner to accidentally destroy the heart.

If you're uncertain about drawing the pattern, trace it out first with an white eyeliner pencil! This way it will be much easier to correct the mistakes.

Here's the other, more wearable side of the makeup. I really love the spooky effect the red eyeshadow creates! :D
So what are you guys doing on Valentine's day? I don't have any plans yet but dinner and a movie seems like a good idea.

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