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Tutorial: Lucky green retro glam

Hello cupcakes!

The look of today is a pin up inspired retro look with green eyeshadow. I'm totally in love with the eyeshadow "Lucky green" by M.A.C.! It's a shimmery lime green and it's so, so pretty. I like to combine "Lucky green" with "Humid" (also by M.A.C.), which is exactly what I'm going to do for this look. :)

This look is colorful and fun but in the same time soft and wearable. Perfect for any occasion! (Or maybe not for a funeral, anyway...).

Here's the look we're going to create:

Step 1
Apply your base and prime your eyes with your favorite primer. I'm using e.l.f. eyelid primer in the color "Sheer".

Step 2
With a M.A.C. #239 brush (or similar) apply "Lucky green" all over your lid and take the color a little bit above your crease. Also apply it underneath your lower lash line. Blendy blend!

Step 3
Now we want some definition on our crease area and browbone. Use a smaller sized blending brush and put on some "Humid" by M.A.C. on your brow bone. Blend it out well! You don't want any harsh lines, just a nice blended shadow that adds definition to your brow bone. Also add some of "Humid" really close to your lower lash line, on the outside 1/3 portion of your eye.

Step 4
Highlight the inner corner of your eye and the area underneath your brow with Nyx Jumbo Pencil in "Milk". Blend it out and apply a matte white eyeshadow on top. I've used "Gesso" by M.A.C..

Step 5
Now it's time to create that perfect, winged eyeliner that defines the retro/pin up look. There are many ways to do this and I will show you two of them. The hardest part (at least in my opinion) is to get both eyes even. To do this you can start with an imaginary line going from your nose to your temple, touching the outer corner of your eye (to see a picture of this, please visit my previous blogpost). On this imaginary line you shall draw a dot, using a white or black eyeliner pencil. This way you can see if the eyeliner will be even before putting it on!

Step 6
The first method of creating a winged eyeliner is to simply draw it with a small brush and a steady hand. Pick out your favorite gel liner and a thin brush. I've used "Blacktrack" from M.A.C. and a craft store brush. Start by drawing a line from the outer corner of your eye to the dot that you drew in step 5.
Step 7
Now draw another line from the dot to the peak of your eye. Fill the shape in and line the rest of the lashline with the liner. Also line your upper waterline with the gel liner and make sure to get it in between your lashes as well. You don't want any skin to show through!

Step 8
The second method is probably a little easier and doesn't require that much of a steady hand. Remember how we used Scotch tape to get that crisp edge of our eyeshadow in the smokey cateye tutorial? We can utilize the same technique to achieve a perfect eyeliner! Apply the tape along your imaginary nosewing-temple line so that it touches the dot that you drew in step 5. From the dot draw a line to the peak of your eye. Now all you have to do is fill the shape in! Neat, huh?


Step 9
Fill in your eyebrows. I've used "Sketch" by M.A.C. since it goes very well with my purple hair, but you can use any color you want. I was going for defined but still quite natural looking brows for this look, so using a sharp angled brush seemed like my best option!

Apply a creamy white eyeliner pencil to your lower waterline. Pop on some mascara to your upper lashes and a tiny bit the outer ones of your lower lashes. Now it's time for the false eyelashes! Corner lashes such as Ardell #305 are very suitable for this look, but I don't have any at the moment so I'm using a pair of wispy eyelashes from Red Cherry. They are the #110 and I had to cut them off quite a bit to make them fit my lashline.

Step 11
What is a retro pin up look without pouty, luscious lips? Fill your lips in with a dark red lip pencil. The one I've used is ColorStay Lipliner in "Wine" by Revlon. Apply a glossy lipstick or a dark red lipgloss. I've used Luscious Liquid Lipstick in "Cherry tart" by e.l.f.. To get more tips on how to create perfect, pouty lips check out my lip tutorial:

Hope you liked this tutorial and that it has been helpful and inspiring! :)

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