söndag 19 februari 2012

Busy weekend

Hello everybody!

Sorry about the lack of blogposts this weekend! I've been really busy doing makeup for three different photosessions, which has been incredibly fun, but not left me too much room for working on my blog. I will probably get the pictures in a couple of weeks. :)

Friday I did first a regular black smokey eye on my model Julia, and after that we added some green to the smoke to match her eye color. It turned out very nice but I was pretty unused to putting makeup on a model since it was a while ago I did that now.

Saturday, it was time for a more experimental makeup and I did a makeup look inspired by this look:

Picture taken from:


I wanted to do something similar but with the lines going between the circles and the eyes curved instead of straight. The look suited our model, Sandra, perfectly!

Today I put makeup on the awesome model Isabelle. The look consisted of a smokey eye with a golden touch in the middle of the eyelid and then black buttons glued to her face. :) It turned out pretty cool!

So as you can see I've had quite a hectic but creative weekend. :) I'm really excited to show you the pictures so I hope I'll get them soon!

Tomorrow I will probably do a tutorial of some sort but I haven't really thought about what kind of look it will be. The day after tomorrow is my birthday, so then I will make sure to post a picture of birthday makeup. ;)

Hope you've had a nice weekend and see you tomorrow!

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  1. Hello and thank you so much for subscribing on youtube!
    Just wanted to drop by and wish you an early happy birthday!
    ...about your blog, you have a wonderful way of explaining techniques. I wanted you to know you helped me a lot.


    1. You're welcome and thank you! ^^ I'm so glad you can find inspiration and help from my blog!