onsdag 1 februari 2012

About the mega-palettes

Hello everybody!

Everyone that managed to read all the steps in my previous tutorial might have noticed me mentioning that I will phase out the "insert any large number here" palettes (hereafter simply called "the mega-palettes" :) ). Why would I want to do that when they are cheap and contain all the eyeshadows one could ever wish for?
There are more than one reason why.

I bought these palettes when I was starting out experimenting with makeup because I hadn't got much money and I needed a large number of eyeshadows to work with. Then the mega-palettes was the natural choice of course.  Now, however, when I am more experienced I would never, ever recommend anyone to buy these palettes.

Although different companies put their own names on these palettes they are all the same. They are manufactured in Asia very cheaply and with poor quality control.

I've seen many people rambling on about how good the pigmentation in these eyeshadows are, but compared to good quality makeup such as M.A.C., Make Up Store, Kryolan and such, the pigmentation in the mega-palette eyeshadows is rather crappy. I want to work (I mean, I am working) professionally with makeup and I don't think the mega-palettes are good enough for this purpose.

But, the most important reason why I won't be using these palettes anymore of recommend them to someone is that they are most likely tested on animals. My goal is to make my whole makeup kit and this entire blog 100% cruelty free. I'll write more about this in another blogpost, though. :) 

Of course you can still use the mega-palettes if you'd like to, I won't forbid you to do so, but in this blog you'll probably not see me using them (or at least not recommend them) again.

If you want to know more about the disadvantages of the mega-palettes you should check out this blogpost by an experienced makeupartist:


See you soon! :)

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