fredag 3 februari 2012

Classic black smokey eye

Hello cutiepies!

Today we are creating the most classic of looks: the black smokey eye. It suits all eye colors and can be worn at a huge variety of occasions.

You'll only need two eyeshadows for this look, one black and one that matches your skintone! The one's I've used are: "Pollution" by Make Up Store (it's similar to "Carbon" by M.A.C.) and "Blanc Type" by M.A.C.

Here's the look we're going to recreate:

Step 1
Prime your eyes with your primer of choice. We're putting on our base after the eye makeup is on so that we don't have to worry about black fallout under our eyes.

Step 2
Now we're going to create a black base that will help make our eyeshadow really, really dark. To do this you will need a soft black eyeliner pencil. Start with lining your upper and lower waterline. Make sure to get the pencil right in between your lashes as well! Fill in the outer 1/3 part of your lid with the black pencil and also put it underneath your lower lashline.

Step 3
Now you can take a dense blending brush (or just your finger) and blend the pencil out, using small circular motions to drag the color in towards the inner corner of your eye. This will create a nice gradient with the blackest part in your outer corner and the lightest in your inner corner.

Step 4
Pack on a black eyeshadow on the outer 1/3 part of your lid and underneath your lower lashline. Blend it out the same way as you blended the eyeliner pencil in step 3. Make sure not to take the eyeshadow too high up against your eyebrows!
This look is all about blending and getting the eyeshadow into a soft and nice gradient so to help the blending you can use an eyeshadow in your skin tone around the edges of the black.

Step 5
Line your upper lashline with the eyeliner pencil and smudge it out. Go over the pencil with black eyeshadow.

Now it's time to put on the base. :)

Step 6
Pop on some mascara and, if you like, a pair of false eyelashes. I've used the Red Cherry #110 again. They're maybe my new favorites! :)

You don't want your eyebrows to steal the show so keep them simple. I've filled mine in with "Sketch" by M.A.C. because it's a color that matches my hair color quite well.

This look is so easy to achieve and you don't need too many products! So try it out and send me a picture so I can see your work! :)

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