måndag 20 februari 2012

Tutorial: Purple and bright green craziness

Hello everybody! :D

It's tutorial time again and those of you who prefer wearable looks might want to stop reading here, because today we're creating a look that is light years from your regular browns and beiges! ;) When I sat down to do todays look I didn't really know what it would turn out like in the end, but I wanted to do something colorful and wild.

As if the bright cut crease wouldn't be enough we will use two pairs of eyelashes to create this look! Sounds interesting? Well, then let's get started! :D

Step 1
As always, prime your eyes with your favorite eyelid primer.

Step 2
Line your upper and lower waterline with a black eyeliner pencil. 
Apply NYX Jumbo Pencil in "Milk" on your lid and right beneath your brows. Leave the space in between bare, since that's where we're going to put on some purple eyeliner pencil.

Step 3
The one I'm using is "Purple attraction" by Make Up Store, but any dark purple will do! Draw a similar shape as the one shown in the picture. This will create a guideline for our cut crease.

Step 4
Blend the purple out! It doesn't have to be neat, since we're putting eyeshadow over it later.

Step 5
With a flat brush (like #239, M.A.C.) pack on some "Lucky green" by M.A.C. on the first half of the lid. Leave a little "pocket" for highlighting in the innermost corner.

Step 6
On the other side of the same brush, pick up some of the pigment "Chartreuse" by Ben Nye, and pack it onto the rest of the lid. Blend it in with "Lucky green" to create a smooth gradient.

Step 7
Now we're going to use another pigment by Ben Nye, "Amethyst", and put it on top of the purple base. Blend it out well. To help the blending and get that purple "glow", use an eyeshadow the same shade as your skin tone.
Apply a matte black under your lower lash line and blend it out.

Step 8
There's a bit of a mess in the outer corner and I wanted to sharpen up the edge a little. To do so in this stage, take some makeup remover on a Q-tip and "roll" the Q-tip along the lower part of the outer corner.
Pop on a matte white right under your brow, and the pigment "Old gold" by M.A.C. in the inner corner.

Step 9
Line the upper lash line with a black gel eyeliner, finishing with a tiny baby wing in the outer corner.

Fill in your eyebrows with whatever color suits you. I've used "Sketch" by M.A.C. but it might be a little bit too much for most people (as if the rest of the makeup isn't? :P).

Step 10
Put on black mascara and a pair of Ardell #105 false eyelashes.

Step 11
Finish the eyes with another pair of false eyelashes with feathers. I think this takes the look to new heights!

Step 12
And for the lips, more craziness? Nawh, I decided to match this look with a natural lip. Line your lips with a lip pencil that is about the same color as your natural lip color and blend it out a bit. Then apply a nude lipstick. I've used "Creamy nude" by Clinique. In the middle of the lips I put some concealer to add some more dimension. On top of that apply a clear or nude lipgloss.

I tried to dye my hair the other day with Manic Panic hair color but it didn't work at all. :( So I guess I'll just go back to my regular hair dye from Directions.

I have got ideas for three or four tutorial series that I will do sometime in a future not far from now. :) I'm just waiting for some eyeshadows that will arrive at the end of this week or maybe next week.

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  1. This look really suited you.
    I love colorful looks after the long, cold, black and white winter.