tisdag 14 februari 2012

Tutorial: Black and white cut crease with a red lip

Hello everybody!

I'm continuing my frenzy of dark, dramatic looks with a black and white cut crease. This look is very vampiric and probably not wearable for everyone. :) But if this look is not your cup of tea you can always store it in your memory bank until next Halloween. ;)
The cold February days really sets me in the mood for doing gothic looks, so you'll probably see a lot of them in the nearest future. I'll try to combine it with looks that are wearable to most people though, so that some of you won't get bored. :)

I think this look is great combined with white contacts! :)

Step 1
I've already applied my base except for under eye concealer, which I'm going to apply later. Prime your eyes with your favorite primer. Apply NYX Jumbo pencil in "Milk" on the lid and beneath your brow. Blend it out and apply a matte white on top of it.

Step 2
Put some tape on the outer corner of your eye. With a small brush draw the outline of the cut crease with black eyeshadow.

Step 3
Fill in the shape with some more black. Blendy blend! :D

Step 4
Add some more black and blend again. Repeat this until you've got the desired blackness.

Step 5
Remove the tape and line your upper and lower waterline with a soft, black eyeliner pencil. DON'T take the liner all the way in to the corner of your eye. Fill the rest of the lower waterline in with a white eyeliner pencil. Also take the black down into your lower lash line and smudge it out.

Step 6
Line your upper lash line with a black gel liner. Don't take the gel liner all the way in either! Looks hideous right now but it will be better when we get the mascara and false eyelashes on. ;)

Step 7
Pop on some mascara and a pair of false eyelashes. The ones I've used are #28 from Red Cherry.
The brow I've created is a gradient from black in the "tail" fading to nothing when it gets closer to the nose.

Step 8
Line and fill in the lip with a bright red lip liner. I've used "Prime red" by Isadora. On top of that, put a red, glossy lipstick. The one I have is Luscious Liquid Lipstick in "Cherry tart" by e.l.f.
I haven't used any blush for this look, just a hint of black eyeshadow for contouring.

Hope you like the look! :) Don't forget to comment and subscribe! 

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  1. Hello! I love the look! I was wondering what kind of contacts those were?