onsdag 1 februari 2012

Tutorial: Smokey cateye

Hello everybody!

Today I didn't have too much inspiration but I wanted to do something wearable (sort of :P ). So I came up with a smokey cateye that suits most eyeshapes, but can also be used to make round eyes look less round. I have quite round eyes so I often use this technique. :)

Step 1
I've already applied my foundation and concealer. Prime your eyes and apply a piece of scotch tape to the outer corner of your eye. To know in which angle to apply the tape and get it even on both sides, imagine a line from the wing of your nose going up to your temple and touching the outer corner of your eye. I've used a M.A.C. face chart to illustrate this. Apply the tape just along this imaginary line. :)

Step 2
I'd be impressed if you could see any difference from the previous step. ;) Here I've just taken "Blanc Type" by M.A.C. and applied it all over the upper lid.

Step 3
Starting at the outer corner apply "Sketch" by M.A.C. and blend it out to create a nice gradient.
Step 4
Take a matte black eyeshadow, I'm using "Pollution" by Make Up Store, and apply it in the outer corner, fading it inwards with a blending brush.
Step 5
Apply Nyx Jumbo Pencil in "Milk" in the inner corner and right beneath your eyebrow.
Step 6
Blend out the Nyx pencil and apply a matte (or shimmering if you prefer) eyeshadow on top of it. This will highlight the eye and create a more open appearance.
The white I've used is "Gesso" by M.A.C.

Also apply "Sketch" beneath your lower lashline and smudge it out with a pencil brush.
Step 7
Take a matte black eyeshadow and a sharp, angled brush (I've used #266 by M.A.C.) and push the eyeshadow into your upper lashline. Now, to take away some of the roundness from your eyes, start just before the "top" of the eye. The arrow shows the place on my eye but it may be different on different people.
I've been clumsy enough to take it too far in but I'll fix that later!

I've also added some black to the lower lid, taking it about 1/3 of the way in.

Step 8
Now, you don't want any skin to show through your lashes but you don't want to put on any eyeliner pencil because the color will transfer to your lower waterline. What do you do? You can use a black gel liner and push it into your upper lashline from below and line your upper waterline with it. The gel liner will dry waterproof so it won't transfer!
Step 9
Clean your lower waterline with a Q-tip and line it with an off white eye pencil. This will take away any redness.
Step 10
I filled in my eyebrows with "Sketch" but you can use whatever color you feel comfortable with.
Step 11
Pop on some mascara and a pair of false eyelashes (optional of course). The lashes I've used today is #28 from Red Cherry, and I had a though time putting them on (it took 4 tries on my left eye before I managed to get them in place!).

Done! :D
If you like you can highlight the sharp edge by tracing it with a white eyeliner pencil. You can see on the full face picture how that looks! :)

For blush I've used Wonderblush "Cleopatra" from Make Up Store and for lips I've used Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector.

Hope you liked the tutorial!

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