söndag 26 februari 2012

Tutorial: Parfait Divine

Hello everybody!

Now, after my birthday and having got the Makeupgeek eyeshadows, I have got so many eyeshadows that I have to test! Well, I'm not complaining. ;) Many eyeshadows equals many new tutorial ideas!
The look of today can be wore as an everyday look or a night out look depending on your personal preferences.

The combination of a cold grey and a cold purple is flattering for all eye colors and a variation of the classic smokey eye for those who want a subtle pop of color. It might not be the most interesting look but it's definitely wearable! :)

Step 1 
Apply your base and prime your eyes.

Step 2
Line your upper and lower waterline with a black eyeliner pencil. I'm using Smolder by M.A.C. Also run the pencil through your lower lash line. Smudge it out with your finger or a small brush.

Step 3
With a flat shader brush apply Knight divine by M.A.C. (or another shimmering dark grey) in the outer corner of your lid. Isn't that color gorgeous? :D

Step 4
Blend out Knight divine but be careful not to take it to high up against the brow.

Step 5
Take Knight divine beneath your lower lash line and blend it out. On the rest of the lid apply NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk.

Step 6
With another flat shader brush, pack on Parfait amour by M.A.C. on top of Milk. Also apply it in the inner part of your lower lid.

Step 7
Highlight the inner corner of the eye and the space just beneath your eyebrow with a matte (or shimmery) white. I'm using Gesso by M.A.C.

Step 8
With an angled brush trace your upper lash line with a black eyeshadow. Fill in your eyebrows. I've used Charcoal brown by M.A.C. but you can use whatever color suits your natural brow color.

Step 9
Pop on some mascara and a pair of false eyelashes! :) The lashes I've used are #747S by Red Cherry.

Step 10
Line your lips with a red lip liner. I'm using Revlon ColorStay Lipliner in Wine. Apply a red lipstick with a blue undertone. I've used Russian Red by M.A.C. (to complete the M.A.C. frenzy...).

For blush I used Shy by e.l.f.

Have a lovely day everyone and see you tomorrow with another tutorial! :)

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