söndag 12 februari 2012

Say no to animal testing!

Hello everybody!

As I mentioned in a blogpost last week (or something like that) I'm turning my blog into a strict cruelty free place. I love animals even more than I love makeup, so therefore it would make no sense for me to use animal tested products.
This kind of decision requires a lot of research, but I think it's worth it. Thus I really want to make sure that no furry little creature is harmed just because I want to feel a little more beautiful. And I wouldn't want to recommend a product that requires tormenting of an innocent animal, making other people buy that same product. It's going to sound so cliché when I say this, but animals are people too!

In the picture you can see my papillon Ester, who is my best friend!

But how do I know that the companies really are cruelty free? What if they lie?
I guess this is above all a question of trust. Do the companies gain anything by lying? No, they don't and I don't think they wouldn't dare to do so! Especially not the biggest companies in the business. Think about what would happen if it came out that a large company are carrying out animal tests or killing animals to make makeup brushes although they've insisted on disaffiliation from such cruelty. That would be their fall. And sooner or later the truth would leak out. So, my point is that a company lying about being cruelty free would dig their own grave.

How about the brushes with natural bristles?
I'm looking into this right now and this far I've got the information that M.A.C. doesn't harm the animals when making their brushes. They claim that their brushes are cruelty free and I think that makes sense since killing the animal would give less hair than taking the hair from a moulting animal.
Regarding the Sigma brushes I've sent them an e-mail and asked. I will let you know what they said when/if they answer.

Where can I find a list of companies that does not test on animals?
The organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has done some serious research in the field and listed both companies that DO and DON'T test on animals. Check out their website!


Last but not least...
I really hope that this blogpost will be of any help for you all and that you will take home the message. I do however think that it is important not to feel bad about yourself if you find that you own makeup that has been tested on animals. But please, don't take it as I judge you if you own animal tested makeup or if you like a brand that is animal tested. This is a question that we all have to create our own personal standpoint on, I just want to make you aware of the problem. The rest is up to you.

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