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Wearable Valentine

Hola guapas!

Since everybody else in the makeup community are posting their Valentine's Day looks I thought I might as well do the same. I'm not completely done with the Monster High series yet but I have no inspiration for it at the moment so it will have to wait and leave room for some wearable looks.

The look I'm going to teach you today is a typical romantic Valentine's Day look inspired by love and chocolate. And even if you really hate Valentine's Day you can still wear this look, because it's really wearable (at least if you like pink...).

So let's get the tutorial started!
Step 1
The most exciting picture ever... ;) Prime your eyes with your primer of choice. As you can see I've already applied my base.
Step 2
With a Mac #239 brush I applied a bright pink eyeshadow. I used "Matt glory" from Make Up Store but any bright pink will do. :) Blendy blend!
Step 3
Now we're going to apply a chocolate brown eyeshadow (I've used one of the matte browns from the 120 palette). You don't want the brown to get out of control so use a small brush, like Mac #219, to apply it. Start with applying an "extension" of your lower lashline, just like shown in the picture.
Step 4

Drag the brown into the crease! Just apply it in a thin shape since we're going to blend it out later. 
Step 5
Blend the brown out. For this I've used a Mac #217 brush. 

Step 6
Add some darker pinkish reddish color in the outer corner where the brown and bright pink meet. This give the look a little more dimension and helps the pink melt together with the brown a little more easy. The color I've used is the blusher Wonderblush "Cleopatra" from Make Up Store. 
Step 7
We want a little more depth so we add some black eyeshadow to the outer corner in the so called "deep crease" of the eye. If you really want a light and superwearable look you can skip this step! 
Step 8
Blend out the black and fade it out into the crease. Also, pick up a little, tiny bit of the pink lid color on a blending brush and trace the edges of the brown shape with it. I think that gives the whole look a lift! :) 
Step 9
Pick up some black eyeshadow on an angled brush such as #266 from Mac, and press it into the upper lashline. In the outer corner, feather the black upwards towards the crease. Also apply some black really close to your lower lashline, taking the color about one third of the way under your eye. 
To brighten up the eye (this is a great trick to make small eyes look bigger) I've applied a concealer pencil. You can also do the trick with a white eyeliner pencil but I was aiming for a softer result. 
Step 10
Put on some mascara and if you like a pair of natural false eyelashes. For the moment I've abandoned my beloved Ardell #105 and used the #110 instead for a more natural result. :)

The brows are filled in with a soft brown color which comes from the 88 palette, but since I'm going to phase out the megagazillion palettes in time I will recommend "Omega" from Mac instead.  (I will write a blogpost about this later explaining why I'm not going to keep on using these palettes...)

Step 11
For the lips you could go for a more nude look if you'd like. I'm not that comfortable with pale, nude lips so I've used a lip pencil that is slightly darker than my natural lip color (which is "Something Blue" by Make Up Store) and on top of that Clinique Superbalm  Moisturizing Gloss in "Raspberry". 

I hope that you liked the look and the tutorial! :) See you guys soon!

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  1. What a pretty pink and brown eye look! I want to wear this on Vday! :D

    Love from the Philippines! :D