fredag 6 januari 2012

Tutorial: Green and white cut crease

Hello everybody! :)

Today I'm going to show you how to create a green and white cut crease. I've done cut crease tutorials before but I'm really excited about this one because I only use Mac eyeshadows.

The brushes that have been used to create this frame comes from:

A few months ago I was quite happy with my 88 and 120-palettes. I thought, why would anyone need any other eyeshadows than these? And then I tried out Mac... Now I'm stuck in Mac-mania :)

Anyway, here's the tutorial! Hope you like it!

Step 1
I usually do the eyes first and the foundation/concealer afterwards, but this time I've gone a little crazy and applied the concealer first thing. ;)

Prime your eyes and line your waterline and upper lashline with a soft black eyepencil.

Step 2
This is where you should apply a piece of Scotch tape in the outer corner of your eye, but I forgot it. Apply NYX Jumbo Pencil "Milk" onto your lid. Blend out gently by patting around the edges with your finger.

Using a Mac #239 brush pack on a matte, white eyeshadow over the white base. I've used Mac "Gesso".

Step 3
Take a black eyepencil and draw the outline of the cut crease. In my opinion the easiest way to do this is to look straight into the mirror and draw the line slightly above your natural creaseline.

Step 4
Blend out the eyepencil using an angled brush. It can be a little bit tricky getting both eyes even but, again, looking straight into the mirror is probably the easiest way to solve this problem.

Step 5
On top of the black outline, apply a dark green eyeshadow such as "Humid" by Mac. Blend it out with a fluffy brush. To help the blending you can apply a color which is the same or a few shades lighter than your skintone right beneath your brow. I've used Mac "Blanc type".

Step 6
Time to remove the Scotch tape! Using makeup remover and a Q-tip clean up the edge to get it clean and crisp.

Step 7
Apply "Humid" under your lower lashline and blend out well. Line your eyes with a black gel liner. I've used Mac Fluidline "Blacktrack".

Also, fill in your brows. You could use a color matching your natural brow color or be bold and try something darker. :) I've just used a regular brown eyepencil.

Step 8
Apply a black mascara and false eyelashes. Here I have used Clinique High Impact Mascara and false eyelashes from Ardell, #105.

Like this tutorial? Don't like it?

Please, leave a comment and let me know what's good and what could be done better! :)

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  1. Gillar dina tutorials. Mycket bra inspiration.
    Det jag skulle vilja se mer av är bilder som visar hela ansiktet så man ser sminkningen på lite håll. Det kanske kommer mer av det när du inte har inflammation i ögat. Men du kan ju alltid ta en mer utzoomat på den sminkade sidan. Det är så mycket lättare att se hur det ser ut på lite håll. :)
    En annan önskan är också att få se mer om vad som kan passa på olika ögonformer. Känner ibland att man ser snygga sminkningar på en del som andra eller man själv inte alls passar i.
    I övrigt är det skitkul att läsa din blogg och du har väldigt bra blandning på både enkla vardagssminkningar och mer avancerade gothsminkningar.