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Monster High makeup series: Draculaura

Hello cupcakes!

It's so nice to be able to use makeup again! And on both eyes too! :D

So, you might guess from the title of this post what the new makeup series will be. :) The first moment I saw the Monster High dolls I fell in love with them completely. Man, I wish there had been Monster High dolls when I was a kid! They're so pretty and the whole idea is fabulous!

I'm making a series of tutorials based on the different characters from the Monster High doll series. The dolls actually have makeup so I thought I'd recreate that makeup. I'm not doing a full on costume for each character because obviously that would take a lot of money and effort.

The first character is one of my favorites. Her name is Draculaura and she is (surprise, surprise) a vampire. :)

Here's a picture of the doll taken from:

and my makeup look based on this character:

Of course I noticed afterwards that I'd put the heart under the wrong eye, but it's no biggie I guess. ;)

So let's get the tutorial started :)

Step 1
Prime your eyes and line your upper and lower waterline with a black eye pencil.
 Step 2
Apply Nyx Jumbo pencil in "Milk" on you lid. Smudge it out evenly over the whole lid.

Step 3
Apply a light pink color to the outer and inner corners of your eye. I've used the blush "Matt glory" from Make Up Store but a possible dupe would be for example "Dollipop" from Sugarpill.
Make sure to leave a little "pocket" of white in between the pink corners. :)
Step 4
With a pencil brush apply the same pink eyeshadow in and above the crease  and drag the color out to form a cateye.
Step 5
Blend out the pink shape with your favorite blending brush! :D To help blending you can use a color quite similar to your skin tone or one that is a couple of shades lighter. For me that is "Blanc Type" by Mac. Also apply this eyeshadow in the "pocket"and blend it in with the amazing pinkness. :)
Step 6
Apply a darker pink/fuschia to the outer corners of your eyelid. I've used one from the 120-palette, which I will show you in the end of this blogpost. :) Also put this color beneath your lower lashline and blend it out.
Step 7
With a pencil brush apply a reddish purple in your crease and beneath your lower lashline. The color I have used is "Sketch" from Mac.
Step 8
Blend out "Sketch". You can add some more of the light pink (the first one we used) to help blending.
Step 9
With an angled brush, such as Mac #266, push a matte black eyeshadow into your lashline. I've also dragged the black out into a small wing at the outer corner.

Now it's time to apply your foundation and powder. I've used my regular foundation since I am very pale but you might want to use a paler one since, after all, this is a vampire look. :) I've also used a white powder for maximal vampireness! And please, please, please, don't make the mistake they've done in the first Twilight movie. Make sure to put makeup on your ears and neck as well! Vampires usually don't blush (not that I know of anyway) but Draculaura is a pink vampire so no blush would look strange. I have used Make Up Store "Matt glory".

Step 10
Fill in your eyebrows with a brown eyeshadow. Mine is from the 88 palette.
Apply a black mascara to your top and bottom lashes. Since this is a doll look, long lashes are mandatory! My lashes are really short so I've used my favorite false eyelashes (Ardell #105) to complete this look.
One of Draculaura's characteristics is a heart drawn under her left eye (as I said I've drawn it under my right one :P). Take a dark red lip pencil and draw the outlines of a little heart.

Step 11
Fill in the heart with Nyx Jumbo Pencil in "Milk". Smudge it out to create an even surface for the eyeshadow we are going to add to stick to.
Step 12
Apply some pink eyeshadow onto the heart and you're done! :)

And since I know people will ask: I don't have contacts, the eyes are made in photoshop.

Step 13
Take a dark red lipliner and line your lips. Also fill them in with the same liner. I've used Revlon ColorStay Lip Liner in "Wine". Then take a hot pink lipstick. The one I used is so awful I won't even tell you the name of it. But any hot pink lipstick will do! Here I've also applied some white eyeshadow on the center of my lower lip before adding a clear lipgloss.

As I said I am super excited about this new makeup series and I hope you are too because there's a lot of Monster High characters left. :) The next one I'll do will be Frankie Stein and will hopefully be posted tomorrow.

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  1. i am seriously loving your blog! you do such pretty makeup looks! I have awarded u with an award on my blog! :) hope u can go check out my post! :)

    1. Thank you dear! That's so sweet of you! ^^ Of course I'll go check it out! :D

  2. Aaah så coooolt.
    Varit barnsligt kär i dessa dockor och sagt samma sak som du, varför fanns inte de här när jag var liten?!
    Lagoona Blue är så fräsig

  3. Hihi, ja jag tyckte att det var en kul idé att göra sminkningar av dessa karaktärer! ^^