torsdag 5 januari 2012

Tutorial: Delyriainspired look

Hello cupcakes!

The look of today is inspired by my favorite look created by Delyria. For those of you who don't know who Delyria is you've really missed something. She's a great makeupartist and photographer! I go to her webpage to be inspired all the time.

Here's a link to her look that this tutorial is inspired by:

Delyria makes her own tutorials on youtube and those of you who're into alternative makeup should definitely check it out:

Anyway, let's get this tutorial started already :3

Step 1
Prime your eyes with your primer of choice. I've used e.l.f. eyelid primer "Sheer", which in my opinion is a really good primer.

Step 2
Create the outline of the black shape using an angled brush and black eyeshadow. To get a better explanation of how to do this check out my other cutcrease tutorial: 

Step 3
Apply a turquoise/bluish green eyeshadow above the shape created in step 2. I've used "Buzzer" from Make Up Store but one that is quite similar and might be easier to find is "Steamy" from Mac. I've also applied highlight under the brow, for which I've used Mac "Blanc type".

Step 4
Fill in the black shape with a matte black eyeshadow. To get it really black use a highly pigmented eyeshadow such as "Pollution" by Make Up Store or "Carbon" by Mac. Use a flat shader brush to pack on the color. 

Step 5
Drag the black eyehadow down beneath your lower lashline. Line your waterline and upper lashline with a soft black eyepencil. Make sure to get the pencil all the way in between your lashes to prevent any skin from showing through. 

Step 6
Delyria hasn't got any eyebrows but I don't feel like shaving mine off so I've created my own brow design for this look. :) Start with filling in the upper part of your brow with a thin, black line. If you've got really dark, thick brows you might have to cover them to achieve this. 

Step 7
Using Mac Liquid Last Liner "Aqualine" I've lined the brow and parts of the black shape. Keep in mind that this liner is really, really resistant and might be hard to take off. 

Step 8
Add black mascara and a pair of black, feathery lashes! The ones I've used are the Depend Party Lashes #3. Note that I've also added a hint of "Buzzer" beneath the lower lashline. 

I hope this tutorial has been helpful! :) 

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