fredag 30 december 2011

Pink and black sparkly New Years Eve look

Hello cutie pies!

Here's the promised tutorial right in time for New years eve! I love the combination of the colors pink and black and the sparkles just adds something extra fun to the look :) 

By the way, when I photographed the Northern Lights look I turned up the saturation on my camera and of course I forgot to turn it down again for this look. And since I'm far too lazy to fix it on all of the pictures in Photoshop, my skin looks as red as a traffic light...

Wear this if you think a gothic version of Barbie is a good idea. 

Don't wear this if being mistaken for a dragqueen is your worst nightmare. 

This look is fabulous with green eyes! 

So, let's get the tutorial started :)

Step 1
Start with priming your eyes. I'm using UDPP. Since we don't want any smudginess on this look later we're going to thightline our eyes in this step. As usual I've used my Isadora Inliner "Indian ink", but you can use any soft, very black liner you like. Make sure to really rub it in between your lashes to make your lashline really dark. 

Step 2
Add NYX Jumbo pencil "Milk"to your lid and smudge it out gently with your finger. We do this only to intensify the pink color, so if you have another similar eyepencil in pink, now will be the perfect time to use it. :) I, however, don't own any pink eyepencils so white will have to do for me. 

Step 3
Add a pink eyeshadow to the lid on top of the eyepencil you used in step 2. You can use either a shimmery one or a matte. I've used Make Up Store Blush "Matt glory". Note that I've put the color slightly above my crease. This is because my eyelids are a teeny tiny bit hooded and I am going to create the cut crease slightly above my natural crease.

Step 4
Now you want to create the cut crease. I've used the Mac #266 angled brush and a matte, black eyeshadow. My black eyeshadow is Make Up Store Microshadow "Pollution".

The easiest way to do this is to look straight into the mirror and start drawing the cut crease right above your natural crease (or in your natural crease depending on your eyes) and work outwards. This can be a bit tricky, but if you've got any questions feel free to ask :)

Step 5
Now you want to add some "height" to the drawn creaseline. I did this by going over it with the same angled brush as before (to which I added some more black eyeshadow) and dragging the colors upwards in small feathering motions. (This would have been SO much easier to show you in a videotutorial! I swear I'll try to get a camera soon!)

Blend the edge gently! You don't want any harsh lines but you don't want to overblend it either. You can also add a highlight underneath your brow to make blending easier. I used a Mac #217 for blending, but if you've got a little less space between your eyebrow and your crease you can use a smaller brush such as the Mac #219.

 Step 6
First, if you hadn't already done that, put on your foundation, concealer and stuff like that. 

Using the same angled brush as before (and the same eyeshadow) I created a little flick in the inner and outer corners of the eye. To get this even on both your eyes can be a little bit tricky so doing an outline with a white eyeliner pencil might be a good idea. White is so much easier to erase than black!

Step 7
Fill in your eyebrows (I've used what was left of the black eyeshadow on my angled brush). Put on a volumizing mascara and some dense eyelashes. I've used Clinique High Impact Mascara and eyelashes from H&M. Since we want the pink color of the eyeshadow to show we might don't want our lashes to be too long. 

Step 8
Put on some pink glitter! I prefer to use glitter eyeliner for this since it's the easiest method :) The glitter eyeliner I've used is "Fuchisa" by Make Up Store.


The photoshop brushes I've used to create this frame comes from 

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