tisdag 13 december 2011

Tutorial: Crazy Christmas Candy Cane

Hello cupcakes! 

As promised I will continue with more holiday looks and the look of today is quite a crazy one. I have got an infected tear duct (due to sloppy makeup removing habits) in my left eye so I've only put makeup on the right side of my face today. Anyway, hope you like the makeup! :)

Step 1
Apply primer to your eyelids. Using a flat shader brush press a skincolored eyeshadow onto your lid. Also use the same eyeshadow as a highlight. Take a medium brown eyeshadow and sweep it into your crease with small circular motions.  

Step 2
With a red lipliner draw a disrupted line along your upper lashline. End it with a little flick. To draw the little flick you have to sharpen your pencil a lot since lipliner pencils tend to be really soft. 

Step 3
Fill in the gaps in the red line with a white eyepencil. I've used NYX jumbo pencil in "Milk" and an eyeliner brush to do this. You might have to reapply some red to create a crisp line between the red and the white. 

Step 4
Fill in your eyebrows! I've gone a bit crazy and used the same red lipliner as before on my eyebrows as well, but you could go for a more natural color if you prefer. 

Step 5
Line your upper and lower waterline with a soft black eyeliner pencil. Also put a little bit of the black pencil along your lower lashline and smudge it out to create a smokey look. Then, apply mascara and false eyelashes (my false eyelashes doesn't show up until next picture though ;)). 

Step 6
Using lash glue, stick three red rhinestones to the area around the outer corner of your eye. Then, with a wet dark green eyeshadow draw two V-shapes in the way shown in the picture. To do this I've used a really, really thin craftstore brush and Make Up Store Mixing Liquid.

Step 7
Draw one more V-shape inside the V-shapes from the previous step, and then draw a little straight line sticking up from the middle of the internal V. Tadaa! You've created a mistletoe! ;)

Step 8
Apply bronzer on your cheekbones and a little bit of blush on the apples of your cheeks. 
You could use a more natural lipcolor but I've decided to go all the way with the craziness and applied a bold red lip. If you chose to do a red lip just make sure it's the same red color as you've used on your eyebrows. Mismatching won't make anyone happy! 

List of products

*Clinique Even Better Foundation "Ivory"
*e.l.f. Color Correcting Concealer 
*Laura Key Bronzer
*Make Up Store Wonderblush "Cleopatra"
*Isadora Perfect Loose Powder "Velvet transparent"

*Isadora Perfect Lipliner "Prime red"

*Urban Decay Primer Potion
*Isadora Perfect Lipliner "Prime red"
*NYX Jumbo Pencil "Milk"
*Isadora Inliner "Indian Ink"
*Clinique High Impact Mascara "Black"
*Make Up Store Mixing Liquid (for the leaves)
*Rhinestones from a craftstore

*Isadora Perfect Lipliner "Prime red"
*e.l.f. Luscious Liquid Lipstick "Cherry tart"

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  1. Haha, tack ^^
    Nej de är rätt flexibla faktiskt, inte alls den där hårda kanten. Top notch!