fredag 23 december 2011

Christmas vampire?

Hello cupcakes!

I wanted to make another holiday party makeup look and since I love gothic makeup it turned out more of a Halloween look than a Christmas look. But vampires can celebrate Christmas too I guess! :)
I still have that eye infection so I won't put makeup anywhere near my left eye. So you'll have to do with one eye pictures for the time being. :P

For this look I used the H&M party lashes I bought the other day. Hope you like it!

I didn't really feel like making this look into a tutorial but since people always ask me how I get my eyeshadow so black I thought I'd do a description of it anyway :)

Step 1
Prime your eye and wait for the primer to dry for a few minutes. Take a black gel eyeliner on a blending brush (or your finger) and spread it all over your eyelid and under your eye. Blend it into the crease, making sure there are no harsh edges. 

Step 2
Pack a dark purple (or black if you prefer) eyeshadow on top of the gel liner. Blend out. Here I've also used a pink shadow (or actually a blush) to blend out the purple and make the purple color more prominent around the edges. I've also taken a black eyeshadow and drawn it all the way up to the eyebrow in the inner corner. 

Step 3
Apply a soft black eyeliner pencil to your upper and lower waterlines. Put on a black mascara. Fill in your eyebrows with black eyeshadow. Apply the false lashes! 

Step 4 (optional)
Using a liquid eyeliner draw some dots in the outer corner under your eye. I would have loved to use rhinestones instead of drawing the dots but I don't own any black ones at the moment. 
Apply some purple glitter in the inner corner of the eye. You can skip this if you'd like, to make the look more gothic. 

List of products 

*Clarins Everlasting Foundation "Ivory"
*Make Up Store Cover All Mix Pens
*Isadora Perfect Loose Powder

*Make Up Store Microshadow "Pollution"

*MAC Fluidline "Blacktrack"
*Make Up Store Microshadow "Plum"
*Make Up Store Blush "Matte Glory"
*Make Up Store Microshadow "Pollution"
*Isadora Inliner "Indian Ink"
*Clinique High Lengths Mascara
*Isadora Glossy Eyeliner "Chrome Black" (for the dots)
*Make Up Store Glitter gel "Arabian"
*H&M Party Lashes

*Any nude colored gloss would work

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  1. You have the most amazing eyes and this look is really unique and looks amazing.