onsdag 21 december 2011

False lashes haul

Hello cupcakes! 

This week I've found some fabulous lashes that I couldn't resist. :D 

H&M Party Lashes (Purple and black)

The first pair I'm going to talk about is the Party Eyelashes from H&M. They are purple and black and really, really curled. I saw them in the store and hesitated to buy them since they didn't look like superhigh quality lashes. But yesterday I was just too curious about them to resist :) And after all they were very cheap. 

The lashes were a little bit too long for me so I had to cut them to make them fit my eyes. Besides being too long, the stems of these lashes were a little bit too flexible making it hard to get the ends to stick (especially in the inner corner). 
On the whole, I'd say these are good lashes but not great. Since they're so cheap you should definitely check them out :) 

Stargazer eyelashes with white beads
The second pair of eyelashes are from Stargazer and in my opinion perfectly suitable for different kinds of Christmas makeup. The beads come in two colors, red and white, but I chose the white one since it's probably more useful for me than red. 

The quality of these lashes are actually quite good and the stem is not too "hard", which has been the case with other lashes I've bought from Stargazer. 

My first thought was that the beads were going to feel a bit heavy but they didn't. :) 

Make Up Store Lace Lashes
I found these babies in a Make Up Store outlet and didn't think twice about buying them. They are really lovely lace eyelashes! I haven't tried them on yet but I'm looking forward to do so :) 

I hope that I will be able to use all these lashes and show you some time soon! :)

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