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Monster High makeup series: Clawdeen Wolf

Hello cutiepies!

I've been quite busy this week and not feeling that well so that's why I haven't posted a tutorial in a while. Now, however, it is time for the next tutorial in the Monster High series, and it is the makeup of Clawdeen Wolf we are going to recreate. :)

This look will be fabulous on people with darker skin tones, but since I'm pale as a vampire I can't show you that.

And yes, I've been fiddling with the settings for my camera again so some of the pictures just looks like a mess. But guess what? I finally found a way to make the camera pick up the glitter! :D Yay! I don't know how I did it though. :P

Picture taken from:

And this is what my recreation of Clawdeen's makeup look like:

Step 1

Prime your eyes with your favorite primer. Line your upper and lower waterline with a soft, black eyeliner pencil. Smudge it out into the lashline as well! Apply Nyx Jumbo Pencil in "Milk" all the way up to the brow and blend it out with your finger. 
Step 2
Pop on a light lavender eyeshadow all over the Nyx pencil. The one I've used comes from the 88 palette and I've applied it with a large, fluffy blending brush. 
Step 3
Using a small pencilbrush apply a darker, vivid purple eyeshadow into the creaseline. Don't make this "line" too thick since we are going to blend it out. The color I've used is the pigment "Amethyst" from Ben Nye. 
Step 4
Blend out the Ben Nye pigment (or whatever purple eyeshadow you're using). You don't want to take this to high up towards the eyebrow so I'd suggest you use a clean pencil brush or another similar small blending brush to blend the purple out. 
Step 5

Apply some bright pink eyeshadow between the dark and light purple. Blend it out well! I've used a pink from the 88 palette.
Step 6
Apply a reddish, brownish purple beneath your lower lashline and blend it out. I've used one from the 88 palette but you could just as well use "Sketch" from Mac.
Step 7
Pick out your favorite black gel liner and a thin brush. Line your eyes and create a little wing in the outer corner of your eye. Remember to always start thin and make it thicker!
My gel liner of choice is "Blacktrack" from Mac.

As you've probably noticed I've filled in my brows with a soft brown. As most of the eyeshadows in this tutorial it comes from the 88 palette, but any soft brown will do.
Step 8
Pop on some mascara and add a pair of false eyelashes (Ardell #105 of course :D). Then all you have to do to complete the look is to add some pink glitter from the crease and all the way up to the brow. I've used Make Up Store Glitter Eyeliner in "Fuschia".

The eyeshadows I've used from the 88 palette:

I'm having a bad hair day so I don't really have the self confidence to post a full face picture so you'll have to do with my eye. Hope you like the tutorial and the look anyway! :)

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