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Monster High makeup series: Laguna Blue

Hello cutiepies!

Insomnia got hold of me last night so I've been really sleepy all day. Luckily I managed to do another tutorial. :) Today we're continuing the Monster High series with Laguna Blue.

Picture taken from:

I really love her purple eyebrows! :D

And here's the makeup look we're going to create!

While I was doing this tutorial I was fiddling with the settings on my camera, since the blue color didn't show up as vivid in the pictures as irl, so that's why the pictures doesn't look the same.

Step 1
Prime your eyes and line your upper and lower waterline with a black eye pencil. As usual we're going to put on our foundation, concealer and powder later. :)

Step 2
Apply Nyx Jumbo Pencil in "Milk" all over your lid and all the way up to your brows. Why do we do this? Well, since we are using very vivid colors we want to make the pop a little bit extra and the white creamy base will help with that. :) Besides, this time we're going to use a pigment instead of a pressed eyeshadow and since we're using it dry we need a creamy base for it to stick to.

Step 3
Apply a vivid purple pigment (or eyeshadow) to your lid and beneath your lower lash line. I used Ben Nye pigment in the color "Amethyst" and packed it on with a Mac #239 brush.
Step 4
Blend out the purple taking the color slightly above the crease. A suitable brush for this purpose is Mac #217.
Step 5
Take a light aqua blue color on a clean blending brush and apply it in and above the crease. Blend out well. As a highlight color, right under your brows, use a matte white eyeshadow such as Mac "Gesso". The white will also help blending out the aqua eyeshadow.

The aqua blue eyeshadow I've used comes from the 120-palette.

I've also added a dark purple in the outer corner of the eye to add some depth. The color I've used is "Plum" by Make Up Store, but you could as well use "Shadowy lady" from Mac.
Step 6
Before doing anything with the eyebrows it's time to put on the base (foundation, concealer and powder). I've used "Matt glory" form Make Up Store as a blush.

To make the eyebrow color as bright and vivid as we want it we'll use Nyx Jumbo Pencil in "Milk" on our eyebrows as well.
Step 7
With a Mac #266 brush (or similar) apply the purple pigment over your brows. For a more natural result apply the color with short strokes.
Step 8
I wasn't quite content with the eyebrows we made in step 7 so I went over them again with a dark, purple pencil. Just remember to sharpen it first since we are painting small "hairs".

Then, it's time for the eyeliner. Extend the inner corner a bit painting a little sharp edge. Follow your upper lash line and finish with a flick at the outer corner. You can use a gel liner if you want, but I've used an eyeliner pencil for a softer result.
Step 9 
Pop on some mascara and a pair of false eyelashes. As usual I've used Ardell #105. You wouldn't have guessed that, would you? :)

Step 10
The lips should be a hot pink/fuschia color with a gloss on top. :) I first lined my lips with a flesh toned lip pencil, "Something blue" by Make Up Store. If you have a hot pink (or any pink) lip pencil, use that one instead! Then I added a hot pink lipstick from Maybelline New York (it really sucks so I don't recommend it!).

Then all you have to do is put a clear gloss on top, and you're done! :)

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