onsdag 22 januari 2014

Carnal Instinct

When I heard about the Magnetic nude collection by MAC I wasn't too excited. As I told you in a recent post I'm not to big a fan of nude looks and when I hear the word "nude" I always think of concealer-style lipsticks á la Maria Montazami, which, of course, can look great on others but don't really rock my socks. Then I saw this beautiful red lipstick in the collection and suddenly it seemed  a lot more interesting.

Blurry pic so you can see the pretty sparkles! :)

 I'm so, so sad to tell you that this will probably be one of the last lip swatches with my labret piercing.  :( It had started to gnaw off pieces of my teeth so I had to take it out. :( As melodramatic as it might sound, it feels like a part of me is missing.

Have you ever been forced to take out a piercing?

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  1. I feel you, I also miss my labret even if it was probably the best decission. But you will get used to being able to apply lipstick and -liner much better soon! ^^

  2. I'm normally more like a quiet reader of your blog (but i really like it :)). But i think, maybe i can give you a helpful hint ^^. I myself have a labret piercing a few years now and never had any problems with my teeth. The point is, that i have a plastik/silicone-pole (i hope, i choosed the right word, i don't know if it's the right term for this part of the piercing ^^) ever since. A few people told me, that they are way better for the teeth than the metal ones. And it's even better for me, as i work at the telephone a lot and people would hear the sound of the metal-pole on the teeth.
    So, i don't know, what kind of pole you use at the moment. Maybe i could help you (elsewise i just said stuff, you already know :)).

    1. Thanks for the tip! I will definitely look into it. The one I use now is a regular metal one, so I'll bet a plastic one will be a lot better. :)

    2. I think Nyxx is talking about Bioplast, a bio-compatible plastic popular for piercings. It's flexible, so it can be more comfortable for piercings because it can bend with the body instead of against it like metal. It also shouldn't damage your teeth :D

    3. I don't know, if they called Bioplast ^^. At the online-shop i got my stuff from, they just call it silicone. It's not really fexible, but more than a metal one of course.
      I'm glad, i could give a good advice :D

  3. I had a labret for a while but it bothered my teeth and gums. I tried a plastic backing but it didn't work out for me; pieces kept coming off of it (could be the brand). I took mine out and got it re-pierced as a vertical labret and I love it! I like the look a lot better than my labret and it's comfortable. Especially since it isn't in your mouth.

  4. Oh om den gnager på tänderna är det inte bra :S, fasen vad tråkigt, hoppas en plastvariant hjälper.
    På vårat jobb har de precis infört piercingförbud, av hygieniska skäl, de har visst inte förstått att det finns kirurger som opererar med ansiktspiercingar :(
    Läppstiftet är ganska snyggt.

  5. Yes, I have had to remove my nipple piercings (sorry if that is TMI) because they were growing out of my skin/rejecting. Some people just cannot have certain types of piercings due to their anatomy.

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