tisdag 7 januari 2014

Burning Lips

My eye is bugging me again so I've been kept from blogging again. Or actually, kept from doing eye looks. Then I thought, what the hell, why don't make posts about lip stuff instead? :D So this week will be all about lips!

So today I was playing around with my Burning Heart palette from Sugarpill turning the eyeshadows into lipsticks. ^_^




Poison Plum

First, I primed my lips swiped a thin coat of concealer on top to mask my own lipcolor. Then I packed on the eyeshadow dry (why I didn't think of using Illamasqua's Sealing Gel is a big mystery...). And last but not least I scraped out a bit of eyeshadow onto the back of my hand and mixed it with MAC's Lipglass (the clear one, in the tube...).

NOTE: I'm not sure if these eyeshadows are lip safe or not. If you plan on using them on your lips it might be a good idea to send Amy an e-mail and ask her about it. :)

Flamepoint, Love+ and Poison Plum aren't very weird lip colors but what about Buttercupcake? Would you buy a yellow lipstick if you found one in a store?

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day, evening, night or whatever it is where you live! :)

9 kommentarer:

  1. Oooh, I love poison plum! I actually made a new years resolution to wear every colour in the rainbow on my lips this year, so I would at least try the yellow. :P

  2. These look fantastic! Poison Plum is such a gorgeous color as a lipstick. I can definitely say I would not buy a yellow lipstick beyond maybe for the novelty. I have a hard time believing it would look photo good in action!

    How does this method work for longevity? I've seen a lot of eyeshadow tinted lipglosses, but never something this vivid!

  3. Buttercup is far too blue toned for my face, but that doesn't stop me loving it from belief! I adore yellow lip colours and bright oranges but they bring out all my acne scars. :/

  4. The buttercupcake is lovely. They all work really well as lipsticks but I think thats my favourite

  5. Eyeshadow as lipstick sounds like a fun experiment. Definitely endless possibilities! And a perfect way to work around eye problems without going on hiatus. Poison Plum is pretty much my ideal, dream lip color!

  6. Maybe mixing Buttercupcake with a little Flamepoint would tone down the yellow lip. >_> Unless you literally need yellow lips lol! Poison Plum and Love+ look AMAZING as lip colors.

  7. These burning lips are so pretty!

    x Dawn

  8. I <3 all of them! What I GREAT idea! I love the poison plum one :D

  9. These look awesome! I do have yellow lipstick in my stash somewhere.