tisdag 7 maj 2013

Birthstones: Emerald

First, I want to say WELCOME to all my new readers! :) And welcome back to you oldies! :D I wish I could express in words how much I really appreciate all of you who takes your time to read my posts, comment and subscribe to my blog! I am truly honored to have you here!

Second, is it really May already? :O Where did April go? :O Well, my inner Spock-a-holic has been longing for the premiere of "Stark Trek: Into Darkness" for a very long time now so I am very pleased to see May's pretty face. :) Another good thing with May is that it has one of the most beautiful birthstones associated with it; the emerald.

Midori is the perfect emerald green. The lighter green on the middle of the lid was applied to give the look a little more dimension.

Shitty image, but at least you can get a grasp of the green shimmer in the middle of the lid.

A peachy pink cheek and hot pink lips brings out the green eye makeup even more. I've been experimenting a bit with vintage hair-dos lately, and this is one of my (sloppy) attempts to do a "front roll".

*CC cream Light (Lumene)
*Studio Finish Concealer (M.A.C.) 
*Mineral Veil (Bare Minerals)

*Browshadow Dark brown (Anastasia Beverly Hills)

*Shadow Insurance (original) (Too Faced)
*Gel liner Mystic (Makeup Geek)
*Midori (Sugarpill)
*Eye dust Bamboo (Make Up Store)
*Heaven (Too Faced)
*Medium Pencil Sophie (Illamasqua)
*#391 (Inglot) 
*False lashes #701 (Red Cherry)


I didn't do an image tutorial on this one since it's such an easy look, but I thought I'd write down the steps anyway in case you're wondering anything about it.

Step 1. Prime your eyes as usual.

Step 2. Draw and fill in the cat eye with a green base. As a base I used the gel liner Mystic by Makeup Geek.

Step 3. On top of the base, apply Midori by Sugarpill, leaving a little pocket open in the middle of the lid. On top of that pocket apply a shimmery green pigment. I used Bamboo by Make Up Store.

Step 4. Define the edges with a small brush and concealer.

Step 5. Line your eyes (waterline + upper lash line) with a black kohl pencil. Smudge it out a bit around the upper lash line, then set it with a black eyeshadow. Make sure the black is well blended into the green; we don't want a sharp eyeliner.

Step 6. Mascara and false eyelashes.


Soon I'll be starting a (hopefully) rather busy schedule at work over summer. I will be selling a lot of luxury cosmetics, which is really nice since the products are of such high quality and easy to recommend to a customer.

Anyways, I hope you're having a lovely time whatever you're doing! Thanks a lot for reading and a BIG thanks for all of you who comments and subscribes! :D

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  1. I LOVE this look! It is gorgeous and looks amazing with the cheeks and lips!! And your hair looks great - not sloppy - I'm so envious, I can never get my hair to do anything. Love, love, love!

    1. I'm glad to hear! :D Aww! <3 That's so sweet of you! ^_^ Thanks a lot for your kind comment!

  2. Love this green look! I actually did a green look, trying to make it look like the emerald, but instead I called it Dark Forest...Yours is tons better than mine! :P Gorgeous! :D

    1. Thank you Lucy! Dark forest is also a great name for a green look. :)

  3. Love this whole look. I'd wear it out with a leather jacket and some capris. :)

    1. Thanks! Sounds like a good combination. :3

  4. Sexy!

    Be sure to enter my giveaway ;)


  5. Gorgeous! Might have to do this for my birthday Friday :D And the front roll, curled under like it is, is called a Suicide Roll! No idea why it has a morbid name.

    1. Thanks! :) Do it! :D Haha! XD That's such a morbid name!

  6. You have the perfect face for make-up! I have green eyes, but rarely do green shadow- you have inspired me to do green tomorrow :)

    1. Thank you, that's so sweet of you! ^_^ Green eyeshadow looks amazing with green eyes so I'm glad you've decided to try it out. :3

  7. Good luck at your summer job. I like that your styling of this look gives it a retro feel but the colors are so edgy and modern and you. Keep up the awesome work with all the birthstone looks :)

  8. Love this green color! It's so stunning! Beautiful work!

  9. I love the pink lips with the green shadow. I definitely like the hairstyle, very cute!