måndag 27 augusti 2012


Hello makeup-lovers and fellow spooks! :)

This is the one makeup look I looked forward most to when starting this project. Green and silver is a great combination!
Slytherin would probably be the house that I have least in common with myself and maybe that's why I find it so fascinating. :) My favorite Slytherin character from the books is definitey Professor Snape!

The lashes I used was Ardell #137 which looked extremely pretty but was shred to pieces when I tried to take them off. I was shocked. This hasn't ever happened before! :O Have you tried these lashes and did you have any problems with them?

To achieve the green shimmery eyelids I used three eyeshadows and black eyeliner pencil as a base. 

Gothic black lips are pretty combined with the eye makeup. (But gothic black lips are pretty combined with anything, on the other hand... :P )

*Ultra fluid foundation Alabaster (Kryolan)
*Studio Finish Concealer (M.A.C.)
*White pressed powder (Stargazer)

*Corrupt (Makeup Geek)

*Envy (Makeup Geek) 
*Appletini (Makeup Geek) 
*White lies (Makeup Geek) 
*Platina pigment (M.A.C.)
*Humid (M.A.C.)
*Jumbo pencil Milk (NYX) 
*Fluidline Blacktrack (M.A.C.)

*Goth (Viva la Diva)
*Black eyeliner (Isadora) 


So next up in this series will, obviously, be Hufflepuff. I have no idea how I will do that makeup but since black is included it will probably be black lips. :P Not too surprising I suppose...

10 kommentarer:

  1. Envy looks really green! On me it's always black that turns muddy very quickly, but it looks lovely here!

    1. Oh, I think it's because I photographed it with flash. It looks very dark on me too irl (I love it though...).

  2. This was so beautiful! Your eyes looks really big in this makeup.

    1. Thank you! :) Yeah, my eyes looks huge when I have a white/silver/nude eyeliner on the lower waterline.

  3. This looks super cool, green and silver are an awesome combination :)

  4. Oooh!!! I love it!! :-) What a beautiful blend!

  5. Seems a lot of people are going back and revisiting the Harry Potter houses these days as a source of inspiration. I wonder why the sudden return? Nostalgia, I suppose? Anyways, if the looks are all as pretty as this they can keep doing them forever for all I care!

    1. Yeah, I've seen that too. :) I guess Harry Potter is an undying concept. :3 As for me, I started to reread the books this summer and that's where I got the inspiration. Aww, thank you so much sweetie! ^_^