söndag 12 augusti 2012

Purple smoke

Hello makeup-lovers and fellow spooks! :)

The makeup I'm showing you today is one that I've been wearing a lot lately. It is a vibrant purple smokey eye with purple eyebrows, that I made with one of the Aquacolors in a purple shade that matches my hair color. :) The good thing about the Aquacolors is that you can use them with a sealer to make them waterproof - yay, no more smudgy eyebrows! :D I didn't use the sealer, however, and the brows lasted long anyway. :3 Thumbs up for that!

This look is great with both a deathhawk and soft curls. :) These are my favorite kinds of eyebrows, since they are dramatic and sharp.

Here I've added some Poison plum over the Aquacolor to make it a little warmer purple. A little warning though, it stains, leaving you with pink shadows when you've removed your makeup. Using only the Aquacolor doesn't stain though. :)

Step 1. As usual, prime your eyelids with your favorite primer.

Step 2. Apply a purple base. I'm using an eye/lip pencil by Make Up Store called Purple attraction, but you might as well use one of the NYX Jumbo Pencil or similar.

Step 3. Blend out the purple base using either your finger or a blending brush.

Step 4. Apply Sugarpill's Poison plum or another vibrant purple on top of the base.

Step 5. Blendy blend! To make the transition a little more smooth I used a light, muted purple, Unexpected by Makeup Geek.

Step 6. Apply a black eyeshadow in the outer corner and upper lash line. Line your eyes with a soft, black khol pencil.

Step 7. Apply mascara, false lashes and finish with a shimmery highlight in the inner corner. Then, map out the shape of the eyebrows using a white eyeliner pencil. I don't really have a guide for where to place the first two dots; it all depends on your own taste and how your eyes look. But the third dot should be placed above your pupil when you look straight ahead.

Step 8. Begin from the first dot and draw a line to the second dot.

Step 9. Continue the line upwards and end it slightly past the third dot.

Step 10. Draw a line from the eyebrow we just drew, sloping downwards, stopping right above the first dot.

Step 11. Fill in the shape!

On my lips I used the lipstick Darling by Makeup Geek.

This is all for today! Hope you liked the tutorial and see you soon! :)

9 kommentarer:

  1. Hi girl! Love the way you really transform your beautiful face, great work =)

    kisses from México ;)


    1. Thanks a lot for your nice compliments! :)

  2. Augh everyone is doing purple eyebrows lately and it's making me want to shave my brows so I can do it to! I LOVE IT!!!

    1. You could always fill in your natural brows with purple eyeshadow. :) I did that sometimes before I shaved off my brows.

  3. Looks so nice with the purple eyebrows!

  4. Girl, just wondering: are you doing any modelling jobs? You are really photogenic.

    1. Oh, thanks, that's so sweet of to ask! ^_^ But no, I'm not doing modelling jobs.

  5. beautiful! I do love purple looks and this one suits you a lot!