fredag 24 augusti 2012

Another makeup for school tutorial

Hello makeup-lovers and fellow spooks! 

Today I'm going to try on something that I usually don't do: a neutral, perfectly wearable (in the mainstream sense of the word) everyday makeup. :) Some people do fantastic wearable makeup looks, but I'm definitely NOT one of them. :P Maybe it's simply because I prefer more creative looks, even for everyday use.

Anyways, this look is actually very pretty irl, so if you ever feel like trying a softer, more subtle look you should definitely give it a go. :)

So, in my previous school makeup post I mentioned a few criteria that are important for school makeup. These are price, longevity and time.
For this look you need:

*Darker brown eyeshadow
*Shimmery champagne or nude
*Dark brown eyeliner pencil
*Cream white eyeliner pencil
*Black mascara
*Foundation, concealer and powder (optional)

These are the brushes I have used:

*Sigma E70
*M.A.C. #266 which can be switched for Sigma E75
*e.l.f. Bamboo powder brush

Step 1. Prime your eyes. :)

Step 2. Apply Shimma shimma by Makeup Geek on your lid using the E70.

Step 3. Apply a rich, dark brown in the outer corner and drag the color into the crease (using the E70 again), wipe off the brush and blend.

Step 4. Apply a dark brown eyeliner on the lash line and use the E75 (Sigma) or #266 (M.A.C.) to smudge it out and create a baby wing. Also smudge the liner into the eyelashes to prevent any skin from showing through. Apply the cream white eyeliner to the lower waterline.

Step 5. Apply your base, then apply mascara and fill in/draw on your eyebrows using the angled brush. Finish by setting the makeup with a teeny tiny wash of powder.

Step 6. On my lips I used a nude lipgloss.

To spice up this look for a night out just add some black liquid eyeliner, a pair of falsies, and exchange the gloss for your favorite lipstick.

Personally I think this look is perfectly suitable for school as well. :)


Thank you for reading and hope to see you soon! :)

6 kommentarer:

  1. Very soft and pretty! I always call subtle liner like that 'kitten-eye' cause it's like baby cat-eye liner. ^_^

    1. Thanks! :) Kitten-eye is such a perfect name for it! :D

  2. Great tutorial! The look came out beautifully <3
    -Imani Love

  3. You got featured on Sugarpill's facebook!!!