tisdag 3 juli 2012

Amelia Arsenic inspired makeup

Hello makeup-lovers and fellow spooks! :)

This look is one that I made for a competition at the blog Killercolours, a while ago. It was fun participating even if I didn't win. :) If you're curious about the winners you can see them here.

Anyways, the makeup were supposed to be inspired by dreams and my dream is to be a full-time professional makeup-artist and apply makeup on pretty models. One of my favorite models is Amelia Arsenic who can be found in several Sugarpill ads. She's cool and has a very original style. :) Therefore,
I made a makeup look inspired by her.

I've actually made another version of this look before, as a post in the Red and black week, but I really wanted to try this look on with the fabulous chartreuse eyeshadow Pixie dust by Makeup Geek. :)

The red version of this look can be found here. :)

*Ultra fluid foundation Alabaster (Kryolan)
*Studio finish concealer (M.A.C.)
*White pressed powder (Stargazer)

*Corrupt (Makeup Geek)

*Fluidline Blacktrack (M.A.C.)
*Jumbo pencil Milk (NYX)
*Blanc type (M.A.C.)
*Ice queen (Makeup Geek)
*White lies (Makeup Geek)
*Pixie dust (Makeup Geek)
*False eyelashes #747S (Red Cherry)

*Inliner Indian ink (Isadora)
*Lipstick Goth (Viva la Diva)


Well, I hope you like the look! :) Have a great day everyone!

6 kommentarer:

  1. I love this look. So cleverly done!

  2. Amelia is so pretty and her make-up is always on form, I love this make-up you have done I've been on a real Yellow eyeshadow feel recently but I wasn't sure how to use it this has inspired me so much

    1. I'm glad that you found this look inspiring! :) I love yellow and chartreuse eyeshadow too but it can be pretty difficult to use.