måndag 21 november 2011

Tutorial: Wearable gold

So, today I'm going to show you how to create the look on the picture below. It's a wearable look with brown and cold, which particularly flatters blue eyes but can be worn by people with any eye color. Hope you like it! :) 

Step 1. 
Start with a primer all over your lid and underneath your lower lash line as well. I've used e.l.f. eyelid primer. Paint your eyelid with a brown eye pencil, preferably khol. The one I've used is not khol so it is more difficult to blend. Therefore, I waited a moment before blending so that the warmth of my skin could make the product a little bit softer. 

Step 2. 
Blend out the eye pencil with a stiff blending brush, making sure there are no harsh lines. Take a shimmering warm brown color and apply in the crease, concentrating the color in the outer corner. (You can see what colors I've used in the picture in the end of this tutorial). Blend out the color softly using windshield wiper motions. 

Step 3. 
Press a very shimmering cold eyeshadow all over your eyelid (but not in the crease). 

Step 4. 
Apply a really dark brown in the outer corner of the eye, dragging the color into the crease. This step requires a lot of blending so be sure to have a good blending brush at hand ;) The eyeshadow I used is the darkest brown from the Coastal Scents 88-palette. 

Step 5. 
To create even more depth, take a black eyeshadow and apply the same way as you did with the dark brown in the previous step. Using a smaller brush, apply the black carefully under your lower lash line as well. To brighten up the eye a bit apply NYX jumbo pencil "Milk" in the inner corner of your eye. 

Step 6. 
Blend out the NYX pencil and apply some shimmery white eyeshadow over it. Line your waterline and upper lash line with a black eye pencil. Apply your foundation and powder before applying mascara. 

Step 7.
For blush I used Make Up Store Wonder Blush "Cleopatra". I filled in my lips with Revlon ColorStay lipliner in "Plum" and put Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in "Raspberry". 

I filled in my eyebrows with the color marked "7" on the picture of the 88-palette, which is quite similar to my natural brow color. 

So here's the shadows form the 120-palette that I used in this tutorial: 


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