onsdag 23 november 2011

e.l.f. haul!

Yesterday I received a package from e.l.f. containing some quite boring but necessary stuff that I had ordered plus a free Mystery box.

This is what I got:

*12 mascara wands
*Clear eyebrow gel
*Eyelid primer (Sheer)
*Daily brush cleaner (which I really recommend)

The mystery box contained:

*Shimmer eyeliner pencil in "Boldly Bronzed"
*Nail polish "Twinkle"
*Nail polish "Golden Goddess"
*Bamboo Powder Brush

So let's start with the clear eyebrow gel. I've bought it before but if you use it on your brows after having filled them in the brush and hence the product will get dirty, which looks really gross after only a couple of times using it. So I highly recommend you to clean your mascara wand before putting it back into the brow gel! An alternative is to use the disposable mascara wands which you can buy really cheap from e.l.f. :)

The Daily Brush Cleaner is actually great, although it has quite a funny smell. It lasts long too, I've used mine at least once a day (for all my brushes) and it has lasted for about two months. It takes at least a couple of minutes for the brushes to dry though.

I've wanted to try the Shimmer Eye pencils for a long time now but I've hesitated since cheap eye pencils tend to be quite dry and hard to work with. I must say this product was a positive surprise since it is soft and easy to blend. Actually I liked it a lot and will probably be buying more of them in the future. :)

The nail polishes are both glittery and very beautiful and can be used alone or atop of a dark polish. "Twinkle" looks great on top of a black polish!
What I don't like about both of these nail polishes is that they leave a rough surface on the nail (all glitter nail polishes I've tried does so it's nothing unusual).

I haven't tried out the powder brush yet but it seems like a brush of good quality. It's very, very soft and this far it hasn't shed at all.  I can't say that mush more about it before I've tried it but if it turns out to be a great disaster I'll let you know. ;)

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