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Tutorial: Blue and yellow cateye

Step 1. 
Prime your eye with your primer of choice. Currently I'm very fond of the e.l.f. eyelid primer. With a soft, black eyepencil a V-like shape in outer corner of your eye, slightly above the crease.

Step 2. 
Using a small, angled brush smudge out the "inside" of the shape, downwards towards your lid. You don't want the outline of the shape to be very sharp so carefully go over it with the same brush. 

Step 3. 
Use some of NYX jumbo pencil in "Milk" over your lid and blend it out with your finger (or a brush). Be careful when blending the white into the black. 

Step 4.
Almost all the eyeshadows in this tutorial are from the 120-palette so in the end of this post I will show you which ones I've been using in each step (with the step number printed on the eyeshadow used in that particular step). 

Take one of the matte yellow eyeshadows from the 120-palette (or from some other brand if you prefer :)) and press it on about half of your eyelid, leaving a little empty space on the area closest to your inner tear duct. Blend it out a bit above your crease and into the white base. 

Step 5. 
Take a light blue eyeshadow and apply outside the yellow. Blend it into the yellow and up into the black. Here I would preferably have used a matte, light blue eyeshadow but since I didn't find one that I liked I went for a slightly shimmering one instead. 

Step 6. 
Press a matte, dark blue eyeshadow to the part of the eyelid that is left, closest to the cat eye shape that we drew with our eyeliner pencil. The one I've used looks quite purple but turns out blue when applied on the skin. Blend it well up into the cat eye shape.

Step 7. 
Take a black eyeshadow and go over the cat eye shape, blending it into the dark blue. This is just to make the shape darker and more defined. Also, drag down the black along your lower lash line.

Last but not least, add some matte white to the inner corner of your eye (I've marked the white I used with 8 on the picture).

Step 8. 
Line your waterline and upper lash line with a soft, black eye pencil. Smudge it out a little.

Step 9. 
Add some black mascara (I've used Clinique High impact mascara) and fill in your brows with a brow pencil or some eyeshadow. 

The finished result should look something like this! 
I hope this tutorial has been helpful for you. Thank you for reading! :)

Note! I almost always apply my foundation, concealer and powder after the eyeshadow, especially when working with darker shades. This is to make it easier to clean up any fallout. 

The 120-palette with the eyeshadows I've used in this tutorial marked out:

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