onsdag 23 november 2011

Les fleurs du mal

I've finally got the Duo lash glue so now I'm able to use rhinestones and stuff like that again. A couple of days ago I came up with this look with red and orange eyeshadows, some swirls and flower-shaped rhinestones. My camera didn't pick up the gradation (or whatever it's called) on the eyeshadows that well though. It's supposed to be 3 different shades of orangey red but it looks like two.

I realize that for most people this is way too much makeup to wear even on a night out so I thought you might like an alternative without the swirls and flowers: 

Sorry for the crappy picture! I did this makeup in the evening and by the time I was finished with the second eye the sun had already set = really bad light conditions for taking pictures. 
Hope you like it anyway! :)

*Clinique Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector
*Clarins Everlasting Foundation "Ivory"
*e.l.f. Tone correcting concealer "Ivory"


1 = inner corner
2 = middle of the eyelid
3 = outer corner and crease

*Use a eyeshadow in your skintone as a highligher under your brow
*M.A.C. fluidline "Blacktrack"
*Clinique High Impact Mascara
*Flower shaped rhinestones from a craftstore
*Duo lash glue


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