måndag 25 februari 2013

Too Faced Natural Eye Eyeshadow Collection

Since I don't feel like being very creative or put on too much makeup in the morning I usually end up doing some natural makeup looks, which are appropriate for work. I figured I needed some new natural eyeshadows and decided to order the Natural Eye Eyeshadow Collection by Too Faced. Although I've been drooling over Too Faced ever since I heard of the brand (that was several years ago!) I have never owned any of their products, so I found this a very good opportunity to change that! :)

The packaging is so cute I can't even find the words for it! :D It's pretty in an elegant way. I LOVE it!
Similar to the Sugarpill Palettes, this one is also made of sturdy cardboard and closed with a strong magnet. Inside the palette the shadows are arranged in three rows, each row corresponding to a special look (Day, Classic and Fashion). To know how to create each of these looks you can use the "tutorial cards" found in the lid. :)

Let's move on to the swatches! As usual the swatch to the LEFT is on top of NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk and the one to the RIGHT is on bare skin.

Heaven is probably going to be my substitute for M.A.C.'s Blanc Type. It is matte and pretty much the same color as my skin, only a little more yellow toned. Great for highlighting underneath the brows!
Grade: 3/5

Velvet Revolver was the reason I bought this palette. It is supposed to be a dupe for Omega by M.A.C. and, thus, works perfectly when filling in fair brows. Matte and highly pigmented!
Grade: 4/5 

Sexpresso (don't you just love the dirty names Too Faced tends to put on their products? :P ) is a dark, cold-toned brown, which is also one of the mattes in this palette. It is ridiculously pigmented and an eyeshadow that can be used in multiple ways!
Grade: 5/5

Silk Teddy is a shimmery, pinkish toned cuteness that won my heart in a couple of seconds. Highly pigmented and just awesome.
Grade: 5/5

When it comes to Push-Up I can't quite decide what color it is. Copper? Peach? Pink? I guess it's a mixture and along with Sexpresso is a clear favorite of this palette. It is definitely the most pigmented of the lot; both of these swatches are made with only one layer of this eyeshadow!
Grade: 5/5

Erotica could have been a big YES if it hadn't been for the poor pigmentation. Honestly, it is supposed to be dark brown with a golden sheen but on bare skin (right) it just looks like someone was going to apply it but then changed their mind... NYX Milk does save it however so it is not a complete disappointment.
Grade: 2.5/5

Now, the big disappointment of this palette is Nude beach. It looks so alluring in the packaging but when you try to apply it it won't stick. The big, golden chunks of glitter fall off faster than you can say "major fail" and not even NYX Milk manages to save it.
Grade: 1/5

Honey Pot is definitely one of the gems in this collection! It is an amber shimmery treasure that definitely delivers quality. Yummy!
Grade: 5/5

Cocoa Puff is a warm brown with golden flecks in it. The color is rather boring, in my opinion, but never the less it is a very good eyeshadow. The glitter sticks even on bare skin and promises not to join the glitter from Nude Beach to go off to Neverland...
Grade: 3.5/5

Overall grade:

In case anyone wants to see the tutorial cards; do not despair! I intend to recreate the looks on the cards so you will see them then. :)

So what are your opinions on this product? I can imagine many of you find these colors rather boring. :)

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I can't wait to see what you create with this palette!! Sorry that all the colors aren't 5's, but they still look gorgeous. I am the same way- I totally do really (sometimes OVERLY) understated looks for work... this is a lovely palette :-)

  2. I love this palette, but I think when I get some Too Faced products , I'll opt for their brighter shades. I find neutral palettes a bit restrictive.

  3. No color is boring when you now how to work with them ;) Great review!


  4. Ser fram emot att få se vad du gör av dessa :)

  5. Thanks for the swatches! I think like you do, I want one of these palettes for my work looks but I haven't been able to decide. I was looking at this one but I want one with some form or purple shade in it to add some colour to my work looks.

  6. I'm sure your looks with this palette won't be boring at all! I love that you always add some gothic elements into your make-up looks, even to those natural ones. It's a great inspiration!