måndag 16 april 2012

Black widow

Hello everybody! :) 

The look of today is inspired by the gorgeous, gothic model Lady Amaranth. When I want to do a sophisticated goth makeup I usually look at her pictures for inspiration. If you're into goth and don't know who she is you should definitely check her out!

This look is a parted cat eye (can you call it that?) and I think it's a little bit more interesting than the regular black cat eye that is usually associated with goth makeup. 

Of course you can skip the winged out crease altogether and get a far more wearable look, if that suits your preferences better. :)

On my crease I'm wearing Blanc type by M.A.C., which is a color that is very close to my natural skin tone. If you're darker you can choose a darker toned eyeshadow or stick to a lighter one to get more contrast. 

This look would be awesome with a black lipstick but my lips are really dry at the moment so I preferred to keep them natural and only put on some lip balm. 

*Everlasting foundation Ivory (Clarins)
*Studio finish concealer (M.A.C.)

*Pollution (MakeUpStore)

*Fluidline Blacktrack (M.A.C.)
*Eye kohl Smolder (M.A.C.)
*Blanc type (M.A.C.)
*Pollution (MakeUpStore)
*False eyelashes #13 by Red Cherry

That's all for this post! I hope it was inspiring and that you liked the look! :)


The photoshop brushes used to create the Black Widow banner come from http://redheadstock.deviantart.com/

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