onsdag 27 november 2013

M.A.C Is Back (on my blog)

This has been on my mind for a long, long time now and I haven't really found a way to express it in words yet, because 1. I hate admitting I was wrong, 2. I feel kind of stupid having ranted about something before knowing all the facts and having investigated the situation from all perspectives.

You know I was rather disappointed at M.A.C when they launched their line in China, which meant that they weren't going to be cruelty-free anymore. But, having poked and prodded at the subject from all different angles I came to the conclusion that it is not at bad as it first sounded. It really is China that does the animal testing and not the companies who sell their products in Chinese stores. The companies does not think that animal testing is a good thing and despite what you may think they are still working towards animal testing. This conclusion I drew ages ago, but I just haven't told you about it because of the reasons I mentioned above.

"Launching in China shows that M.A.C (and other companies) place profit before morals!"

Sure, I can see your point, and as much as I respect it I don't agree with it. China has about 1.5 billion inhabitants and if you have a big company and want it to continue to expand it is not realistic to exclude the worlds largest country from your range of customers. The Chinese people (or at least their government) apparently don't have the same respect for animals as we do in our Western culture, but how is that ever going to change if we don't show them that our cosmetic products are perfectly safe without being tested on animals? I firmly believe that China will give up their policy in this matter in time and I know that M.A.C and other companies are urging them to do so. Therefore I have no problem with M.A.C's decision to sell their products in China anymore. You may not agree, and that's fine, but please respect my opinion (or change of opinion in this matter). I don't ask you to agree with me, or don't wish to go into any debates on this subject. This is simply intended as an explanation on how I feel and think about the subject, nothing else.

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