lördag 6 april 2013

Bare Minerals READY Compact Foundation

It has already been released in some places in the world but here in Sweden the launch isn't until mid-April. I'm talking about the READY Foundation by bare Minerals, which is indeed cause for great excitement.

For those of you who have used bare Minerals you are familiar with their "loose powder" foundations and I'm pretty sure that many of you have wished for a compact  version which would be much easier to handle. I definitely have! And now our prayers have been answered. :)

But don't be fooled, the READY foundation is not simply one of bare Minerals's previous foundations that they have pressed into compact form. This is a completely new innovation in which carefully chosen minerals have been pressed together with cold-pressed rose-hip oil to gain a unique product which provides a quick means to achieve perfect coverage and that hydrates the skin during the day. The foundation is long-lasting and after 12 hours the hydration level in the skin has increased by 108%. Fantastic, huh? :)

Along with this new foundation a new brush is launched, which is well suited for the special application technique that allows the foundation to spread properly across the skin. The brush is called Precision Face Brush and is without doubt the best foundation brush I've ever tried. The bristles are made of nylon and the dense, flat surface allows you to buff the foundation into the skin and achieve the most beautiful finish! of course you can use this brush with your old bare Minerals foundations as well!

Bare Minerals Precision Face Brush

This foundation is applied in long, smooth strokes across the face and immediately gives coverage. You don't have to work it into the skin the same way you do with the original or matte foundations, which saves you a couple of extra minutes in the morning.

The shade I'm using is called R130 (the lightest with a warm undertone)

At first I thought that READY foundation would be unsuitable for my oily t-zone but, honestly, it works better than the matte foundation to keep the shiny-ness in check all day. I guess that says more about my skin than it does about the foundation though - I'm obviously shiny because my skin needs moisturizing. After only using READY a couple of times my skin already feels healthier!

And for the drawbacks, there are very few. The only thing that I have to complain about is that it is very easy to "overdose" this foundation, so you have to be really careful not to apply too much!

But honestly, this foundation is a great friend that you definitely want to have in your life! (and makeup bag...)

Thanks for reading!

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