fredag 5 april 2013

Anastasia Brow Powder and Eye Brow Tutorial

In Sweden Anastasia is a pretty small, unknown brand, but as I understand it it is HUGE in the USA. I've heard it been labeled the #1 eyebrow brand in the world and having tried out their products I am not surprised.

When choosing one of the Anastasia brow powder shadows, keep in mind that the colors look way lighter in the packaging and when you try them out on the back of your hand (as most people do when shopping for makeup) than they will do on your brows. Instead, try them out on a piece of paper tissue to bring out their full intensity!

These products consists of a light/dark duet of shadows and for many people the first question that pops up is: "Do I really need two eyebrow shadows?"
And the answer is YES! You do! One lighter to fill in the whole brow and a darker to define.

I have nothing negative to say about this product so this is definitely a 5/5!

Now, let's take a look at how to use this product.

Step 1. Mark out the start, highest point and end point of your brows. The face chart shows you exactly how to do this! The red lines are imaginary lines from your nose wing to the places where you should put the marks.

Step 2. Begin filling in the "tail" of the brow with the lighter of the shadows. To do so use a stiff, angled eyebrow brush.

Step 3. Fill in the rest of the brow, also with the lighter one of the two shades.

Step 4. Now it is time to add some definition. Again, fill in the tail of your brow, this time using the darker one of the shadows. Work with short strokes and "blend" it in with the lighter shade.

Step 5. Place some concealer or cream highlighter underneath the brow. Blend out.

Step 6. Set the highlight with an eyeshadow close to your skin tone or lighter. Concentrate the highlighter right underneath the curve of the brow, at the browbone's highest peak.

There you go! Now you have good looking brows! (Hopefully...) :)

I really hope that this tutorial/review has been helpful to you and that you enjoyed reading it! Take care and hope to see you soon!

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  1. Love your growing eyebrows :) great tutorial, I'm a brow freak :D

    1. Thank you! ^_^ I'm beginning to become a brow freak as well!

  2. Look at your brows!! They are sprouting for sure!! :-) Great work on the growth and I love the tutorial with this product :-)

    1. They sure are! :D I thought it would take a lot longer to grow them out. I'm glad to hear you like the tutorial! :)

  3. I love what you do with your brows! They are so neat and they look great!

  4. great review! I'll see if they have this near me.