söndag 17 mars 2013

Depend Eye Makeup Remover Pads

Depend usually is a decent brand that, despite its low price tag, manages to deliver reasonable quality. When I saw this product - 80 makeup remover pads that are supposed to gently remove all kinds of makeup - I just had to try them.
Right now, I'm using the waterproof makeup remover by Kryolan which, as all waterproof makeup removers do, contains oil. Oil can be a bit harsh on sensitive eyes and my eyes are very sensitive at the verge of spring, at the kick-off of the pollen season. Hence, I eagerly bought these pads from Depend which are oil-free and promises a merciful treatment of the eye area. Boy, was I mistaken...

These "gentle" pads are thin and the heavily textured surface feels like sand paper on the skin. The removing ability is also highly doubtful. It doesn't even remove the True Natural mascara by Lumene, which is very - very - easy to remove only with water and a tiny drop of regular soap or shower gel. Bad!

So, I thought, it can't remove my eye makeup properly, maybe it can still be of use when I want to clean my lips? No. No! NO! Sure, it removes the lipstick after some fierce rubbing but lips are left dry as a desert.

Recommended for: Anyone who wants a really sucky product...
Price: 35 SEK/ 80 pads
Buy again? Not even if all other makeup removers in the world were gone

Seriously, don't waste your money on this! Or have anyone else had any positive experience with this product?

Thanks for reading!

3 kommentarer:

  1. I just had a very similar experience with the, also oil free, waterproof eye make-up remover from Rimmel. It promises to be gentle on the eyes, but stings my eyes very badly. Which is a shame because it does remove the make-up quite nicely and is certainly nicer to use than the other removers I've tried that all leave an oily residue. I even read some reviews saying that it doesn't sting, but I guess my eyes are just that much more sensitive.

  2. This sounds like Cover Girl's make up remover; totally not worth the price... or maybe I had a really bad batch.

    I started using some Safeway (grocery store) off brand make up remover pads, and they've been good enough-- not massively impressive.


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