lördag 15 september 2012


Hello makeup-lovers and fellow spooks! 

Here comes the tutorial for the look I posted the other day. :)

I added a little more red this time. Or, more likely, the red showed up better on the photographs this time since I had better lighting conditions.

Step 1. Prime your eyes.

Step 2. I like to use a black base underneath Posion plum and here I've used a gel liner. I used Blacktrack by M.A.C. which is the only gel liner I got at the moment but I'm dying to try out Makeup Geeks new gel liners! Blend out the gel liner.

Step 3. Pack on Poison plum (or whatever eyeshadow you're going to use) with a flat shading brush such as E55 by Sigma. Do this several times to build up the intensity of the eyeshadow, but remember not to take it up too high.

Step 4. Blend out the purple and pick up a little of Love+ by Sugarpill on your blending brush. Place it in the outer part of the crease and blend it out inwards.  You can use pink if you feel uncomfortable with red eyeshadow. :)

Step 5. Line your eyes with a pencil liner dipped in gel liner. Create a fat wing using only the eyeliner pencil and then fill it in with black gel liner. Why? Because it's easier to get it even and easier to correct any mistakes if you map out the wing with pencil liner first.

Step 6. First, apply your base. Then apply mascara and false lashes. The ones I'm using are Ardell #105. Fill in/draw on your brows. Highlight the inner corner of the eye with NYX Milk and on top of that matte white eyeshadow. For brow highlight I used the white eyeshadow alone.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

I have been preparing a looong post for you about some tips on taking close-up makeup photos and also about editing. To me, editing my pictures is really important and what really makes the difference; above all what makes the makeup look like it did in real life. The camera will usually wash out some of the colors (especially if you use flash...) and make them less vibrant than they actually are, so therefore editing is a way to "restore" the picture and present the makeup in all its glory. I hope that makes sense. :) 

Anyway, I hope you all are having a lovely weekend. See you soon! 

4 kommentarer:

  1. I think it's so interesting how you use black and white to make the colours more intense or dusky. I used one of your tutorials like that once I visited my mother. Unfortunately she had fixed her sight with laser and all the colours were extra intense for her. She couldnt look me in the eyes because I had a "neon purple" eyeshade. ;)

    1. Yes, using black and white is a great way to change the appearance of an eyeshadow. :)
      Haha, then you know it's a bright eyeshadow. ;)

  2. Thanks for the tip of using black underneath the purple! I used that idea last night and loved the result. I also did the white pencil with white matte shadow over it on the inside corner. I'll be linking to this post when I do my post with last night's look (which will probably take me weeks, but I'll get to it eventually). :)

    1. It's a great trick, isn't it? :D I'm looking forward to see your result!