måndag 28 maj 2012

Violet ocean

Hello everybody! :D

I hope you've all have had a great weekend and are well rested today! :) I had the most wonderful weekend and because of that I'm starting the week with my mind filled with inspiration.

Yesterday, Mr. Noire took me on a pick-nic date on Gothenburg's most beautiful cemetery. It was great! This is the makeup I wore:

To achieve the beautiful purple color on the lid I applied first a layer of Poison plum (Sugarpill) and on top of that a soft wash of Unicorn (Makeup Geek) which is a lovely blueish purple with tiny silver specks. I also applied Unicorn alone on the waterline.

I didn't put anything on my lips or cheeks, because it was such a hot and sunny day here so any kind of face powder would have looked blotchy. As for the lipstick, my only excuse is being too lazy to put it on. ;)


*Ultra fluid foundation Alabaster (Kryolan)
*Studio finish concealer (M.A.C.)

*Corrupt (Makeup Geek)

*Fluidline Blacktrack (M.A.C.)
*Jumbopencil Milk (NYX)
*Corrupt (Makeup Geek)
*Ice queen (Makeup Geek)
*Sea mist (Makeup Geek)
*Ocean breeze (Makeup Geek)
*Appletini (Makeup Geek)
*Unicorn (Makeup Geek)
*Poison plum (Sugarpill)
*False eyelashes #110 (Ardell)

* Inliner Indian ink (Isadora)
*Chromagraphic eyeliner pencil Hi Def Cyan (M.A.C.)


That's all for now! :) 

6 kommentarer:

  1. that looks amazing with your hair :) x

  2. This look is very pretty, and I love your hair. :)

  3. You always put such wonderful colors together!

  4. I'm in love with this colour combo! Amazing!

    Here is a new follower ♥

  5. Very summery, like being in front of the sea! I love this!