måndag 17 mars 2014

Fantasy Of Flowers

Here's a look I wore for work the other day! It is inspired by the lovely Kingsleighs look for the MAC Fantasy Of Flowers collection. The moment I saw it I knew I had to recreate it.

First, I just want to say, for this look I've used only MAC products whereof many are from this collection and may be expensive or hard to get hold of, so please don't feel that you have to have these products to recreate the look. You can use whatever substitutes you like!

I'm going to pretend that the ball on my septum piercing isn't shoved up my nose. D: 

*Face & Body Foundation White and C1 (MAC)
*Studio Finish Concealer NC15 (MAC)
*Pigment Pink pearl (MAC)

*Pro longwear concealer NW15 (MAC)
*Eyeshadow Expensive pink (MAC)

*Pigments Lily White and Pink pearl (MAC)
*Fluidlines Sassy moss and Phlox Garden (MAC) (LE)
*Eye kohl Feline (MAC)
*Extended Play Gigablack Lash Mascara (MAC)
*False eyelashes #35 (MAC)

*Prep + Prime Lip (MAC)
*Lipstick Snapdragon (MAC) (LE) 
*Lip pencil Magenta (MAC) 
*Creamsheen Glass Playful petal (MAC) (LE)


I've finally gotten some inspiration and organizing done in my "makeup-life" and sketched out some sci-fi makeup looks that I'm going to make. I'm thinking about making it into a makeup series called "Sci-fi Eyes". How's that sound? :) 

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the look! 

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  1. Beautiful colors, love the sharpness of the edges ;)


  2. Beautiful make-up look! :) Nice edges!

    x Dawn
    (We moved & changed host!)