måndag 14 oktober 2013

Birthstone: Opal

Blergh! I've caught another cold and feel rather crappy at the moment. Those of you who have read my latest couple of blog posts know that I've already been ill once this fall, so I guess this is round two for me. I'm going to load up with a lot of vitamins, which hopefully will speed up my recovery.

Anyways, last week I started my new job which is awesome. I haven't done any selling yet because we were just packing everything up and organizing the products into drawers and shelves. My co-workers are great and though I've only worked two days so far I already feel at home. :)

The look I've got for you today is the October birthstone look, which is inspired by the opal. Of all the birthstone looks this has been by far the most difficult to turn into a makeup look, because the opal contains all the colors of the rainbow, shimmer but is still just mostly a pinkish white stone. Makes sense? Well, anyway, I've always thought of opals as pastel rainbows so I decided to take my look down that track. And here's the result!

Pastel rainbow deluxe! It was unfortunately a very cloudy day and my camera didn't pick up the shimmer that well, but I'm sure you get the idea.

Despite all the colors this is a rather wearable look. Soft and colorful in the same time.

*Skin Base Foundation 02 (Illamasqua)
*Studio Finish Concealer NC15 (MAC)

*Brow duo Dark brown (Anastasia Beverly Hills)

*Jumbo pencil Milk (NYX)
*Diamond eyes (Sugarpill)
*#441 (Inglot)
*Birthday Girl (Sugarpill)
*Mochi (Sugarpill)
*Acidberry (Sugarpill)
*Goldilux (Sugarpill)
*Slink (Illamasqua)
*Medium Pencil Sophie (Illamasqua)
*#391 (Inglot)
*24/7 Glide on eye pencil Freak (Urban Decay)
*Eye Booster Ultra-black (Physicians Formula)
*False eyelashes #28 (Red Cherry)


I just realized there are only two birthstone looks left! Oh my... :P 

Thanks for reading and hope you'll have a lovely day!

15 kommentarer:

  1. Hi dear =)
    What a wonderful matte look today =)
    I love the colour combo, not banal!
    Many kisses

  2. I love this Madam Noire! One of my all time favorites! :D

    1. Thank you! :D I wasn't too confident about this one so I'm so glad to hear you like it that much! :D

    2. Btw, I posted this look on my blog at makeupcrazy1.blogspot.com as one of my favorite looks of the week if you want to see the post! :D

  3. wow this is awesome. my fav out of the birthstones. also opal is my favorite stone

    1. Thank you! :D I'm so glad to hear that! <3 I like the opal too, it somehow reminds me of My Little Pony.

  4. Gorgeous! As for you cold, can you get Airborne where you are? It's basically a cold preventative made by a school teacher who was sick of getting sick. It's an herbal suppliment with zinc, vit C and other minerals and vits for immune system support. I swear by it. I start taking it two weeks before the semester starts and continue until June, well after university lets out for the summer. University students can get sicker and more often than the little kids, so Airborne is a life-saver. When I'm sick I just double the dose.

    1. Thanks! :) No, I'm afraid we don't have Airborne here but I will definitely try to get hold of something with zinc and vitamin C. Thanks a lot for the tip!

  5. Beautiful pastels <3 and with a black lipstick would be perfect!


    1. Thanks! :) Black lipstick was exactly what I had in mind! I had planned to include that in a full face look but my skin is so dry at the moment, because of the cold, so that will have to wait for another time.

  6. Åh vad vackert! Som en ljuvlig regnbåge! :))

  7. Get well soon!
    This is gorgeous!!! ♥

  8. Gorgeous! And my birthstone as well. ;) I like the idea of wearing it with black lipstick to toughen it up.

  9. It's great as usual! I found your blog recently and I'm a huge fan! I talked about you last week on my french blog. See you!