onsdag 11 september 2013

Illamasqua Haul

After having seen Cora's review on the sealing gel by Illamasqua, I thought it was about time to place another order from their website. Along with the sealing gel I got some other nice things which I'm going to talk to you about in just a moment. :)

Sealing gel

Sugarpill's Stella and Birthday Girl Chromalust eyeshadows mixed with a drop of sealing gel

This product is just awesome! One little drop and you can turn any eyeshadow you want into a fabulous, water- and smudge-proof eyeliner. Pure magic! Can you imagine what you can do with this baby along with Sugarpill's eyeshadows? :)

How to use it: Take a knife, spatula or other sharp object and scrape off a little bit of your pressed eyeshadow, or scoop up your pigment. Put the shadow on a clean surface and mix with a tiny drop of sealing gel. Voilá! You now have made your own eyeliner. Awesome, huh? :)

Price: £7.00 for one bottle containing 6ml 0.2 FL. OZ.


Since I'm much of an eye makeup girl it might be a little bit harder to guess that I am obsessed about lipsticks as well. My collection is ever growing and of course I had to take the opportunity to add another couple of dark wine-reds to it. :)

The first one is the new shade, Shard, which is part of the recently launched Sacred hour collection. This lipstick is just amazing! The texture glides on smoothly to create a velvety matte finish with a rather unique reddish purple shade. I didn't find this one as dry as the other Illamasqua lipsticks I have tried out, but you should still be careful with it if you have very dry lips. Of course the dryness makes it extra long-lasting.

Growl is a gorgeous dark, mahogany red that would be the lipstick if it hadn't been for one thing, it is so damn hard to apply it evenly. It is not as bad as Disciple though, but I do wish that the formula had been slightly thinner.

Price: £16.50 for NET WT. 4g 0.14 OZ. 


The fourth and last thing that found its way into my shopping cart was the sapphire blue pigment Alluvium. It reminds me a little bit of MAC's Deep truth but also contains golden sparkles. It is a lovely pigment that will make a pretty eyeliner indeed! :)

Price: £16.50 for NET WT. 1.3g 0.04 OZ.

Which pigment or eyeshadow would you want to make into an eyeliner? :) 

Thank you a lot for reading and hope that you liked these swatches!

8 kommentarer:

  1. Hi dear,
    Growl is really adorable, have you tried to apply a little bit of gloss on it? I'm not really impressed by Shard! ;)

    1. Hi! :)
      Yes, it is indeed adorable, just a pity that the texture is so strange. Yes I did and just as with Disciple gloss improves the look a great deal. :) Will post a look with that later.

  2. I must try Shard! I've been looking for something pretty much exactly that color forever! Assuming it is displaying the color accurately on my screen, which it seems to be according g to your description. I do have dry lips, but I'm willing to give it a shot with a bit of gloss!

    Definitely going to try the sealing gel, too. Imagine the possibilities.....

    1. Shard would definitely look amazing on you! It is such a lovely color that is bold and discrete in the same time. :) Just moisturize your lips half an hour before application and I'm sure you're going to be fine.

      The sealing gel sure opens up a whole new world of possibilities! :D

  3. Hermoso el tono Shard :D Estaba dudando si pedirlo pero creo que definitivamente lo haré ;)


    1. It is, isn't it? :D Shard is one of my overall favorites from Illamasqua.

  4. Jag köpte något liknande på Makeup Store. Jag använde den lite mer vårdslöst än dig och blandade i ett litet hörn direkt på kakan ;)
    Det är underbart att äntligen!! ha en eyeliner som inte rinner iväg så fort solen skiner, det regnar eller blåser. Mina ögon tåras så lätt.
    Läppstiften ser helt fantastiska ut!

    1. Jag gissar att du menar deras Mixing Liquid (tror jag den heter). :) Den är också bra men jag föredrar denna eftersom Makeup Stores and lite väl rinnig.
      Ja visst är det härligt med något som får eyelinern att sitta! :D