onsdag 21 augusti 2013

IsaDora Zinfandel Review and Tutorial

The Swedish drugstore makeup brand IsaDora has a wide range of moisturizing lipsticks of which the one that has always caught my eye is the dark plum-ish wine-red Zinfandel. Very recently IsaDora launched their fall 2013 look including a lip-pencil matching this lipstick, and sharing its name, so I decided to buy them both.

Left: Zinfandel lip pencil, Right, Zinfandel lipstick

The lipstick has been out on the market for a while but I have never tried it on until now. It is one of the  Perfect Moisture lipsticks although its texture feels almost matte on when applied on the lips.
Like most dark lipstick from the cheaper selection of brands this one tends to get a little blotchy after a while, so you have to make sure your lips are perfectly scrubbed and moisturized before application. Reapplication is necessary during the day.

Pigmentation: 4/5
Longevity: 2/5
Texture: Creamy with a slightly shimmery finish
Kiss-proof? No
Price: 119 SEK (~$18) 

As for the pencil it is the perfect complement for the lipstick. It has a smooth, velvety finish and would look good on its own as well as underneath the Zinfandel lipstick.

Pigmentation: 4/5
Longevity: 3/5
Texture: Dry and opaque
Kiss-proof? Yes, without any lipstick on it actually is
Price: 69 SEK (~$10) 

Step 1. Begin with outlining your lips with the lip pencil. This way you can compensate for any asymmetrical lip shapes, so when you perform this step do it with relaxed, neutral lips. It sure is tempting to distort your mouth in order to stretch your skin for an easier application of the lipliner, but this will not help you achieve an even and symmetrical lip-shape.

Step 2. Fill in your entire lips with the lip liner. Now you can grimace as much as you like as long as you won't transform the outline you made in Step 1.

Step 3. Using a lip pencil fill in your lips with lipstick in the same shade as your lip liner (or a completely different one - who knows, it might turn out looking fabulous!).

Step 4. If your lip line is in any way still a little wonky-donkey, despite all your efforts with the lip liner, pick up some concealer on a thin brush and smooth out any un-eveness.


Do you have any favorite lipsticks in this shade? :) 

Thanks for reading and welcome back! :D

3 kommentarer:

  1. The shade looks better then I thought it would, but the longevity makes me worry. : O

    I have a similar shade made by Catrice; After work wine. It doesn't last long but it looks nice for the short time XD and it was cheap.

    1. The longevity is definitely not much for the world! It gets kind of blotchy after a while as well if you have dry lips.

      I would love to try out Catrice some time but it's so hard to get hold of their products where I live.

  2. I also have a similar shade from Avon - Big Colour Lip Pencil in Portwine. Sadly, it's discontinued :( It's a 2 in 1 lipstick and liner. They are so popular right now, but it comes from times when it was a rare thing haha. My mom gave it to me since it was too dark for her, which means it's absolutely perfect for me! Sometimes we really come across the best products by accident :)

    I was checking the Catrice lipstick and I believe it's discontinued too. Well, I hope drugstore brands are going to come up with some darker shades this autumn...